Arab League asked by the U.S. media CBA level NBA players play is not easy (video)

A couplet is US media asked about the CBA level: NBA player is not easy ah Lian face reporters very calm ah Lian by US media asked about the CBA level: NBA player is not easy sports news Yi Jianlian September 18th Tencent in Losangeles yesterday accepted an interview with reporters, referring to CBA, CBA has now become a joint representation more and better. At the same time, the Arab League also bluntly, Dayao is China’s greatest player. When the reporter asked whether Chinese players pay rates have greatly improved, the need to pay his wages to Chinese officials, a somewhat embarrassed, also laughed. "I don’t know what you’re trying to say." After all, today, when the storm landed in Dayao in 2002, NBA, has been more than and 10 years, the United States is still an old eye view of the Chinese players, somewhat outdated. However, the Arab League, then said that the Chinese young generation, there is no lack of talented players. "China there are many talented players, the future there are a lot of people can go to NBA, I will help those young people, I think this is a factor Chinese let basketball rise, let more players China world stage." When asked how to CBA development, Yi replied: "the development of CBA is getting better, you can see many NBA players to CBA, playing in the CBA is not easy, you may ask the CBA to play, they knew it, CBA has become more and more good in the world. It became more and more popular." Subsequently, a reporter asked Arab League, Yao Ming views. Yao Ming is Yao Ming, he is the greatest player in China, he helped a lot, I learned a lot with him, I communicate with him a lot, get a lot of different views on basketball." (Yang Weili)相关的主题文章: