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Mobile-Cell-Phone If you are seriously considering buying a new iphone, you should first take a look at the features of the DS apple Iphone 3GS. This is the latest iPhones introduced by Apple. When you consider the speed, nothing can be better than this iPhone. It will connect the user to webpages and browsing will be easy. When compared with other phones, this iPhone is twice faster than the rest. When you are downloading something through this Apple mobile phone, you will be amazed at its speed. With an iphone 3GS you can see everything with the same clarity as is expected from a good camera. The images look wonderful. There is an in-built 3 megapixel auto focused camera in this phone. The image resolution is superb, and you will be able to capture some of the most wonderful images. After you have captured the photograph, you can simply IM it over. As for the new instant messenger, you can embed the picture and add comments before sending it. The new voice control feature in DS apple iphone is indeed remarkable. You can use your voice to take full command of this apple mobile phone. You will just need to tell the phone about the number you want to dial by mentioning the name. If you can say the 10 digit number, it will dial the number automatically. Now you can drive through heavy traffic, maneuver the car and even mange to talk with your wife or boss. No need to push buttons and as the hands will be free; there is no chance of accidents. If you want to listen to your favorite itunes, this is only possible with the new voice control feature of the Apple iphone. When you are browsing through the webpages, you can simply highlight a portion and automatically cut and paste it elsewhere. If you want your friends to see a specific email, you can send the relevant portion to all your friends. You can cut the section easily between applications. If you want to make a memo of an email, it is possible to do so in DS Apple iphone 3GS. Now you need not retype or summarize anything particular. With this iphone, you will be able to record your voice. Apart from the voice control feature, you will have a separate system for voice recording. The screen will show the picture of the microphone when you intend to use the voice recorder. Now you can talk and record simultaneously. Even if you have to put a quick reminder, you can easily do so with this new feature. No need to use the paper to write anything. You will love new in-built compass in the iphone which can point your way. The Voice Control feature is indeed remarkable as it will instantly recognize the names in the contact list and also recognize the music in iPod. In case you want to place a call, or listen to your favorite song, you just need to command the phone and the phone will follow your instructions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: