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Apple to jointly develop the market stage music consumer credit young –IT– September 1, 2016, Internet consumer leading financial platform stage music announced has officially become the official Apple authorized dealer; the future, with the apple a music stage, the co-development of young people in the country credit consumer market. After obtaining authorization, stage music direct supply channels will not only get the official Apple genuine, staging on the platform of teachers and students happy users will also be able to enjoy the apple two times a year "Mac4me" preferential purchase plan and other exclusive benefits; and the recently released iPhone 7, stage music users also have access to China for the first the purchase of qualifications. It is understood that Chinese earlier in the mainland, the official Apple authorized only Jingdong, Amazon Chinese and a few dealers; and took the stage music education channels offline and online authorized dealer qualification, will be eligible for online music store and staging line designated regional dealer store sales. Stage music founder and CEO Xiao Wenjie said, thanks to the recognition of Apple Corp stage music, after the establishment of the stage music platform is the first single commodity is an apple iPad. We have been committed to the consumer credit provided to give young people a better quality of life, to help young people learn and grow; get the official Apple authorized dealership, helps us to provide users with better quality goods and services, but also help apple in the incremental market in China to expand to more people." During the stage of music opens in September 1st autumn staging Shopping Festival, iPhone, iPad and Mac all Apple products will take the whole network preferential price to meet with consumers, in September 10th to open the super big day, Apple will be used as one of the most important brands involved in staging shopping festival. In the meantime, teachers and students of colleges and universities as long as through the stage music single, entitled "buy iMac receive a value of 1488 Beats, iPad Pro to buy a headset to receive a value of 728 yuan to buy Apple Pencil, iPad Air2 mini2 mini4 will receive $298 worth of Apple EarPods and other exclusive preferential education. Generally speaking, Apple Corp’s educational benefits are discounted for students and faculty. On this basis, according to the annual spring and autumn season two back to school time, the Apple Corp launched special promotions at discount prices above will be. Apple’s products are not discounted, so the education is a Apple Corp for the campus market, with the nature of public welfare initiatives. Stage music was founded in Shenzhen in August 2013, was a pioneer in the domestic small and Micro Internet consumer finance business model. Lecong university students staging installment purchase of 3C digital products have been cut, open outdoor sports, beauty care and education training, learning stage multiple loop electricity consumption scenarios. Since the beginning of the end of 2015, staged music began to walk out of the campus, the overall layout of all types of people. By the end of 2015, the music division where the Lok Lok Group’s establishment of the music mall, to support industrial workers, etc.相关的主题文章: