Antique reproduction of a new 57 year old aunt accidentally caught

Collection of antique reproduction new means of fraud 57 years old aunt accidentally caught the Beijing boss 2 million 400 thousand buying heavily China India, here online as long as 300 thousand can Jianlou, Xianju Jiang aunt thought he met with such a big thing, they will buy the results without demur. "Baby" is bought, but the home is not willing to pay a lot of excuses. Only then did she realize that she had been cheated. Xianju City Jiang aunt is 57 years old this year, is a collector, one day in August, she received a "boss" call, she asked whether the war on Bao Xi and Beijing Olympic emblem Chinese India, to 800 thousand and 2 million 400 thousand of high priced acquisition. I did not expect it received a week boss phone two days later, a collection of "Li" and take the initiative to contact Jiang aunt, two collections sell is "boss" buying heavily, after some bargaining, jiangdama respectively to 39 thousand and 800 and 300 thousand of the price of buying, and cash on delivery. Buy. But the baby after receiving, jiangdama contact "Zhou boss", the other party to the meeting, heart disease and other excuses. Find themselves cheated after August 6th, Jiang aunt accompanied by his family rushed to the Xianju Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade report. Xianju Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police after a preliminary investigation, the fraud Gang communications office is located in Beijing Daxing District Jiugong town. October 17th, the police in Beijing with the focus on the arrest, arrested 10 suspects. According to the survey, most of the fraud jiangdama Gang is the hometown of Hebei, one of the principal zhuangmou was only 19 years old, he had to work in a regular collection of companies, but rather a method of suspects from a friend there to learn of telecommunications fraud, then two people with fraud experience from Hubei women danmou group commit fraud. After initial verification, since March this year, the gang from the network on the use of illegal means to buy collectors contact, not worth anything so the victim mistakenly thought he could pick up a large leak, 17 fraud, involving hundreds of million victims in Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Tibet and other places. Currently, gang Zhuang, Ning, 10 people have been under criminal detention, the stone is being held online, the case is still under investigation. (correspondent Cao Hongbing reporter Chen Dong) source: Evening News相关的主题文章: