Americans in Shenzhen life under the rule of WeChat

Americans in Shenzhen: life under the rule of WeChat: "I can’t speak Chinese. I know nothing about china. I thought I’d lose myself." Benjamin joked. Benjamin is editor of a science magazine in the United states. He has never been to China or even been to Asia. Last week, he came to Shenzhen alone. He came to Shenzhen to attend a meeting, the organizers from second days to arrange for them to translate, but arrived in the evening, Benjamin must solve their own problems. In this way, Benjamin science and technology to change the life of a more profound experience. Life is ubiquitous WeChat do not understand foreign languages can communicate with Benjamin out of the iPhone phone, even on the international wireless roaming device Mifi, so you can access the internet. He opened the taxi software Uber, deep red background white coins out of shape icon, he has Uber interface to automatically switch to Chinese version. He was aware that not long ago, Uber China and drops to travel together. But this is not a problem, it is important that he quickly hit a BYD with Uber. Benjamin entered his apartment on the apple map from Airbnb, and the location was quickly translated into chinese. He showed the taxi driver, the driver quickly understood, so two people on the road. After arriving at the apartment, Benjamin met her hostess. However, the hostess will only say very simple English, of course, better than Benjamin’s Chinese, but the two people still can not talk properly. At this time, universal WeChat played a role. Under the guidance of the hostess, Benjamin quickly installed on the WeChat App. He opened the WeChat software, a lonely man standing on the moon, staring at the earth. Look at this iconic picture, Benjamin thought of his "independence as a stranger in a lonely place" — this is not what I was? The hostess had some input he cannot read the Chinese characters in WeChat, Benjamin on the far east the text, and then click the pop-up translation options, the hostess the mind is like. Benjamin responded with a string of letters, and the hostess pressed the same way. Do not understand each other’s language communication between the two seems to be no obstacle. According to App way of life after a night of jet lag, Benjamin second did not wake up every day, his body seems to be stuck in the quagmire of American time. He is in desperate need of a cup of coffee. All the power up, Benjamin walked out of the room, open the apple map positioning function, search the nearby Starbucks coffee shop. But Starbucks will open at 7 a.m.. Look at the watch, it’s only half past five. Fortunately, he searched through the next door there is a 24 hour McDonald’s, Benjamin walked into the store, ordered a cup of coffee, checkout, he used to pay the successful payment of apple. Benjamin exclaimed: "the retail stores here seem to be operating in a App way. They are built on a very unique code that is easy for everyone to connect and participate in. Whether it is business or service shop guests have a fixed set of rules of the game, but the customer know they need to press a button in which the exact ordering time. Everything?相关的主题文章: