Amd Next Year Will Push Tablet Pc Dedicated Apu-steam_api.dll

.puters-and-Technology Chip makers AMD officially launched its new processors APU products, 37 APU-based notebook models, one machine, HTPC and other new collective appearance. Same appearance, there just working AMD Senior Vice President, Greater China, Tang, president. It is reported that, AMD will launch in 2012, dedicated to the new Tablet PC’s low-power APU. To " Tablet PC " "There are already using our tablet PC APU." Tang, said. It is reported that Acer has released a Tablet PC-based APU, but MSI is also about to launch the Tablet PC using APU. The AMD 2011 is only the initial test of the level of board .puters, AMD plans to launch low-power 2012 new APU, specifically for the Tablet PC . AMD announced the start of research and development from 2006 to CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processor) integrated in the new processor APU, this product has a smaller die size, lower power consumption, and higher performance per watt. At the same time, APU also greatly accelerate the realization of Internet applications, and smoother HD video playback, using APU laptop battery life up to 12 hours. Themselves "is not an ordinary opponents than the" It is understood that the mainstream use of APU’s end product prices between 3,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan, there are hundreds of models based on the current global APU models .e out. Previously, Intel also launched the graphics .bined with the second generation of intelligent CPU Core Duo processor. For .petitors, the move, AMD side said that its APU heat better, lower power consumption. "Our .petitors in the structure of APU is not the same, we are ‘real integration’, brought about by the technological breakthrough is not an ordinary .petitors can .pare." Tang, said. Tang, formerly of Nokia (China), vice chairman, succeeded earlier this year became Karen Guo, AMD China’s top leaders. "(Join AMD) AMD is mainly fancy the prospect of good." He said, the focus of his work this year include the promotion of APU, while allowing Greater China as "AMD’s most important base for global success" About the Author: 相关的主题文章: