After Europe, Britain became the cheapest place to buy LV dachiyouxiang

From Europe, the British to buy LV the cheapest place for British tourists, is perhaps the highest consumption of the national tourism; but for the Louis Vuitton bag lovers, Britain is absolutely the best place of hand chop party would save money. According to one of the four major accounting firms in the world, according to Deloitte, DDT, British designers and other luxury goods prices in dollar terms, Britain is the world’s cheapest country. This is the British retreat, the devaluation of the pound all the way, the purchasing power of tourists greatly improved, since June, the pound against the U.S. dollar fell as much as 17%. According to the survey, LV Speedy 30 classic handbag in the UK price of 645 pounds, equivalent to $802; and the same handbag in Paris the price of 760 pounds ($850), $970 in New York, and China 7450 yuan, $1115. "Consumption" Deloitte fashion and luxury goods for Nick Pope mentioned in BBC, more than half of British luxury market income from the tourist consumption, "the British luxury price by the British back in Europe after the impact of the devaluation of the pound, making the same goods cheaper in the UK market price. People don’t like to pay higher prices for the same goods." Official data show that in July, a total of 3 million 800 thousand British overseas tourists, an increase of $2% last year. Total tourist spending amounted to 2 billion 500 million pounds. Myf Ryan, chief marketing officer of the UK and Europe, told BBC: "in July, the average cost of visitors to the Westfield shopping center in London grew by 70% last year, and Chinese tourists were buying designer clothes." August, Chinese tourists spending in the Westfield shopping center last year rose 53%. The devaluation of the pound has led to a rise in commodity prices, but Deloitte suggests that luxury retailers still have to keep prices stable so as not to scare consumers away. Currently, 64% of luxury brands in the UK the lowest price. Devaluation of the pound is a foregone conclusion. Including Balenciaga Foulard Fringe Balenciaga dress currently in the UK price of about $400 cheaper than in the United states. Italy brand Brunello Cucinell men’s cashmere sweaters in the UK price of 650 pounds ($843), while in France, the price of $942, $995 in the United States $. Pope said that the price difference will not last long, a small number of brands have begun to raise prices. Luxury brands usually to adjust pricing will be extremely cautious to ensure its correctness, but if the devaluation of the pound over the first half of the year, and has formed a foregone conclusion "new form", and at the same time the brand profit continued to suffer this effect, then there will be more brands to make price adjustment.相关的主题文章: