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After 80 freaky with her daughter to tell your children to learn to ride a horse riding note reading children learn to ride the author water field, published "micro management" management of double parenting book of love, parenting, Master business analysts, family education and parent-child relationship of writers, children reading promotion, after a hot mom. In the first half of this year. She learned a lot about poetry: pull the bow when the pull is strong, with an arrow when using long. Shoot first shoot horses, qinzeixianqinwang." Qinshiming Han Guan, long march has not yet. But the dragon fly in, not taught Ma degrees Yinshan hu." Courage, fearless heroic feelings of passion, let the children look forward to a bright and brave learn from other’s merits. "Mom, take me to ride 61!" A yearning eyes. Needless to say, for the day, the Father also eager to rid yourself of all your daily cares about, eager to green grass on the racecourse and Benz, completely relax. Since the family hit it off, I do not hesitate to search in the vicinity of the racecourse, telephone consultation on matters on: 1, how old the child can ride the adult holding a child riding coach pulled the horse ring no specific age limit, only need appropriate safety measures and saddle necessary; but the formal study of equestrian general in terms of the need for children over 3 years old. Because children over the age of 3 and the coach can communicate smoothly, and can be a good control of their bodies, coordination and understanding of learning conditions. 2. What is the difference between riding and riding? Equestrian is not only refers to horses, horses and equestrian learning also includes communication, horse, horse brush and a series of learning and practice. Formal learning step by step: Equestrian Horse, walk, trot, exercise exercise self-control, dressage. 3, what kind of children can learn equestrian? Riding on the child’s body without any special requirements, but on the contrary, if it is autistic or autistic children, riding the sport can play a role in the treatment of some extent. 4. Is it safe to ride a horse or learn to ride a horse? Any movement is dangerous, children are likely to fall out of the running, not to mention the equestrian riding, learning, after all this is a human and animal coordinate to complete the movement, so children riding, as far as possible to the professional Equestrian Club gradual learning, and not directly on the racecourse sahuan. I think riding safety depends on three aspects. A coach is the personal qualifications and technical ability, the degree of control, and the children of the horses are familiar with the communication strength and experience of teaching ability; two is a horse breed, domesticated three children to understand the extent of compliance; is the ability and character of courage to coordinate their own hobby degree. 5, when learning equestrian children will have what security and protection? Learning is a regular equestrian dress, must wear trousers, wearing a helmet, wearing armor; secondly, an important part of security, horses were also professional coaches and professional training usually give children more docile horse character. With a clear aim, we drove to the nearest equestrian club. Happens to be in the club相关的主题文章: