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After 3   the most deadly side sleeping position; curing brain — Health Channel – male friends often because of love and drinking party for various reasons, often drink, then for drink after the thing how many do you know, drinking will lead to a abnormal state of central nervous system first ped, if this time incorrect sleeping posture may want your life Oh, so we quickly look at the next time, attention must be paid to the drunk sleeping! Drink 3 Deadly supine sleeping position: This is drunk usually take the position. Drunk people tend to vomit, but was later pharyngeal reflex and swallowing slower, then drunk if is supine lying down, then vomit is likely to reflux into the trachea, misinhalation. Can cause aspiration pneumonia, severe cases can lead to blockage of the trachea and suffocation. Position: drunk in a coma, the whole body muscle relaxation strength to support the limp, changing posture is greatly diminished. Prone position nose down, often buried bedding or soft pillow, cause mouth, nasal breathing channels. In addition, the depth of the respiratory center of the intoxicated people was inhibited to varying degrees, the respiratory action was greatly weakened, and the gravity of the body caused compression of the chest and abdomen. The above factors may lead to insufficient intake air, the hypoxia, further aggravating the drunken stupor. Seat depth drunk because of the body circulation is inhibited, weakened ability to regulate cardiovascular reflexes, and vomiting, sweating body can lose a lot of water, intravascular blood volume is relatively insufficient, easily lead to hypotension and shock. When blood pressure is low, the seat will not conducive to the blood supply in the brain, is not conducive to the blood circulation of the lower body, causing more insufficient blood volume, heart, brain and kidney and other vital organs to further reduce blood supply. Correct posture: on the position of modern medicine also pay attention to the right lateral side is better, the reason is: when the right side of the heart is not compressed, and the liver on the right side and the right side was more likely to return to the liver blood, liver itself is a process of maintenance. If from the point of view of evolution, this kind of sleeping is the most tired, because this position is most can allow the brain to relax. Our brain has a function that is to let the body stretched over, not so loose, this is a young and healthy young people will be reflected, therefore, is tall and straight, and the elderly as the relief effort, we are in the brain imperceptibly, adjust the tension of the muscles. However, this guy had, the brain is energy, even if you don’t think, even if you’re not aware of, this energy are always. Because energy consumption so it is necessary to rest, sleep posture is very important, it determines the quality of sleep, so, first of all, to take a completely unable to make up the brain posture. If it is supine, stretched out, this time will maintain a certain degree of muscle tension, if the night keeps this posture, the first may be difficult to sleep, even asleep second days will feel very tired. But if you curl up like a bow相关的主题文章: