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Business For many years, name tags and badges have been used in business and schools. Conventions, school events, church services, large businesses, government offices, fairs, shows, and other events all are likely to use security name badges. Traditionally, a name tag is stuck to clothing or worn by a clip or lanyard around one"s neck. The name tags purpose is multipurpose. Some places use the name tag solely for identification of people to make networking easy. Other reasons may be for security. A security officer may be hired to review badges as attendees come and go from an event. The officer"s job is to ensure no one enters an area without authorization. Current photo ID badges are often more complex than the above scenario. Photo ID badges play a large role in ensuring company security. Photo ID cards are not a paper badge stuck in a plastic holder any longer. The card can be plastic but it may contain complex technological features that provide security with the latest security technology. Today"s cards can be used with card reader access systems and CCTV camera systems to increase security for business assets and authorized people. Photo ID cards are much more beneficial than in times past. The modern photo ID card provides so much more than simple identification. Because of this benefit, the ID card plays in integral role in today"s business security plans. Bar codes, magnetic stripes and smart cards have provided a variety of ways for companies to accurately and cost effectively provides access for certain individuals, while correctly controlling the area by denying access to unauthorized visitors. With just a push of a button, a security officer can change the database in the access system setup. Individuals or groups of photo ID holders can be granted access or denied access to specific business locations or to the entire business facility. Current popular access card vendors are Keri and HID. A proximity card comes in a variety of types. Some allow printing on them, others do not. Some are the same size as your credit card, while others may look like key cards or other unique shapes. Depending on your needs, these cards can provide a unique look and can be carried in various ways to allow employees to concentrate on their work processes and not system or door access. ID card system integrators are familiar with various proximity card options and badge holder options. The integrator can provide you with recommendations for the best ID card system, the most appropriate proximity card for your specific environment and also badge holder options available to free up the employee while allowing the card to be displayed. Various new options in all of these areas are available so speaking with those who are active in the ID card industry can provide you with tried and trusted methods of ID card making as well as latest industry trends, such as badge attachment options like a badge reel, which may be applicable to your organizational needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: