A Ningbo woman holding a child standing elevated to light and suspicious about domestic violence-lata-01

A Ningbo woman holding a child standing elevated to light and the 11 point about domestic violence at noon yesterday, the fire department received a report, the Ningbo Yinzhou Lijia bridge near the village of airport viaduct, a young woman holding a child standing on the shelf Takahashi to commit suicide, the ancient forest, Yin Feng Road Fire squadron together to rescue. Firefighters said, when they arrived, the police and their families to persuade women. A woman holding a child standing on the elevated bridge guardrail, nearly 4 meters from the ground about the appearance, is behind the rapid traffic, in order to prevent the woman accidentally dropped, firefighters immediately laying rescue cushions. Finally, 2 firefighters went around to the rear overhead, while women pay attention to, the child pulled together with her. According to the reporter, the woman to commit suicide with the violence. Ningbo sent reporters contacted the woman’s cousin, Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang was on the spot, quite clear on the situation. According to Ms. Wang said, the 26 year old cousin, from Hunan, have 2 children, a 5 year old, the child in her arms just turned 1 years old. My cousin has been with her husband separated for 3 months, because the man often beat her cousin. "Playing badly, even the wife’s mother called the police station several times." Ms. Wang said, the man does not work, every day is to play cards, cousin money should be handed over, "anyway, what had to listen to the man, sometimes a word not be beaten." Ms. Wang said, cousin want to divorce, the man also agreed, but proposed to her cousin ten yuan compensation. What is the name for the money, Ms. Wang said he also is not very clear. Yesterday, the man came to the door. Why is the man did not answer the phone’s cousin, but also hit, was stopped by the woman’s relatives. But he is still on the hot pursuit, the spur of the moment, the thought of suicide. At present, the police have been involved in the matter.

宁波一女子抱着孩子站高架要轻生 疑与家暴有关 昨天中午11点多,消防部门接到报警,宁波鄞州礼嘉桥村旁的机场高架上,一个年轻女子抱着小孩站在高桥架上要轻生,古林以及鄞奉路消防中队一同前往救援。消防员说,他们赶到时,民警和家属都在劝说女子。女子抱着个小孩站在高架桥的护栏上,距离地面大概将近4米的样子,身后是急速的车流,为了防止女子不小心掉落,消防员马上铺设了救生气垫。 最终,2名消防员绕到高架后方,趁女子不注意,一把将她连同小孩拽下。 据记者了解,女子轻生可能跟家暴有关。 甬派记者联系上了女子的表姐王女士,王女士当时就在现场,对情况蛮清楚。 据王女士说,表妹今年26岁,来自湖南,有2个孩子,一个5岁,怀里抱着的这个孩子刚满1岁。表妹已经跟老公分居3个月,原因是男方经常打她表妹。 “打得很厉害,连丈母娘都打过,派出所出警好多次。”王女士说,男方不工作,每天就是打打牌,表妹赚的钱都要上交,“反正什么事都得听这个男的,有时候一句话不对也要挨打。” 王女士还说,表妹想离婚,男方也同意,但提出要她表妹补偿十几万元。至于要钱是什么名义,王女士表示自己也不是很清楚。 昨天,男方又找上门来惹事。原因是表妹没有接男方电话,男方又要打人,被女方亲戚拦下。但男方仍对女方紧追不放,女方一时想不开,就想到了轻生。 目前,警方已介入此事。相关的主题文章: