A man in Suzhou believe in auto insurance claims arrival losses more than 2 yuan borderland

A man in Suzhou believe in "auto insurance claims arrival losses more than 2 yuan if you received such a message: your auto insurance claims has been credited, need to verify bank ATM machine. Recently, who lives in the park, Mr. Ma met with insurance fraud. In the afternoon of November 5th, foreign play Ma received the insurance claims claiming to be a member of the phone, said his insurance indemnity audit has been issued, so as soon as possible to the bank ATN machine to verify whether the arrival of funds. At first, Mr. Ma did not play too much bother outside. More than an hour after the man came home, and received the other phone, but Mr. Ma recently happened at the traffic accident, is in the stage of auto insurance claims. The other for gospel truth to him, in accordance with the instructions to the bank ATM machine operation, enter a series of numbers provided by the other party, after receiving bank information. He did not think of is not a reasonable compensation, but their card was transferred out of more than 21300 yuan. Afterwards, calm down, Mr. Ma recalled the whole thing, think he fell into a liar carefully set a scam, then rushed to the police station. Then, the majority of owners encounter such fraud, how to deal with it? The police reminder: one is to understand the insurance claims process. At present, the only way for the indemnity payment insurance claims, is the customer first advance the cost of repairs, after receipt of the claim to the insurance company, the insurance company will indemnity directly into the account designated by the customer, there is no requirement of customers to the ATM machine operation process. The two is to communicate in a timely manner, to prevent telecommunications fraud. The insurance claims process, dubious, shall promptly verify with the insurance company or the police, do not believe, unknown source or origin of phone calls and text messages, do not easily transfer operation in accordance with the other requirements.

苏州一男子轻信“车险理赔到账” 损失2万余元您是否收到过这样的短信:您的车险理赔款已到账,需要到银行ATM机上核实。近期,家住园区的马先生就遇到了一起车险理赔的骗局。11月5日下午,在外游玩的马先生接到自称某保险理赔员的电话,说他的保险理赔款已经审核下发,让其尽快到银行ATN机上核实资金是否到账。起初,马先生在外游玩没过多理会。一个多小时后马先生回到家中,又接到对方电话,而马先生近期恰巧发生车辆交通事故,正处于车险理赔阶段。信以为真的他,按照对方的指示到银行ATM机上操作,输入了对方提供的一系列数字,之后就收到银行转账信息。让他没想到是理赔款一分未见,而自己卡里的21300余元被转了出去。事后,冷静下来的马先生回想起整个事情的经过,觉得自己掉入了骗子精心设下骗局,于是赶忙向派出所报案。那么,遇到此类诈骗,广大车主该如何应对呢?警方提醒:一是要了解保险理赔流程。目前,车险理赔中赔款支付只有一种方式,就是客户先垫付修理费用,后凭发票等资料向保险公司索赔,保险公司将赔款直接转入客户指定的账户,不存在要求客户到ATM机进行操作的流程。二是要及时沟通,预防电信诈骗。在保险理赔过程中,如遇到可疑问题,应及时与所用保险公司联系或报警,进行核实,不要轻信来历不明的电话和短信,更不要轻易按照对方要求操作转账。相关的主题文章: