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College-University Vocational education is much more important now than a degree in liberal arts or .merce or science. Although the importance of learning liberal arts or .merce or science cannot be denied or understated one needs to accept that these are university degrees that are important to widen ones horizon and make one a thinking and feeling human being who can contemplate on the follies and foibles of historical persons or events and philosophically think up solutions; practical and impractical! On the other hand vocational education provides skills and knowledge about a trade that can be used to earn the daily bread. Vocational education has to be backed with enough hands on experience if the student has to be .pletely trained to start his or her own trade practice. This can be done through school based apprenticeships. All good trade schools follow certain norms so that the students benefit in training, time taken for training, certification of the course and school based apprenticeships that directly affect work experience and trade jobs in the long run. Thus all good trade schools will offer vocational education that can teach a student the skills and knowledge required to follow a certain trade. Courses pertaining to all trades that are re.mended by the government are taken by the school. The entry year for the student is in the 11th and 12th year of formal school year of the student so that by the time the student graduates from high school he has covered 45% of the theory training of the trade school as well and is ready for school based apprenticeships which are a basic requirement or a foundation to his or her career in the trade. Most good trade schools are privately operated and hence charge a fee. For eligible students who cannot afford the fee, there are bursaries that are managed by industries who offer scholarships so that deserving students get the vocational education that is required without having to take loans or borrowing the money. A good trade school facilitates the transition from school to a career in industry through a School based Apprenticeships and Traineeships called as SATs. Following a pre-apprenticeship training program that includes first aid, tool and equipment knowledge and use, employability skills students begin their career with a planned work experience that ends in being selected by the employer as apprentice or trainee. The most popular trade courses are carpentry, plumbing and electrical apprenticeships but apart from these most good trade schools offer over three hundred apprenticeships and traineeships in other trades. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: