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Creativity For studding in abroad, Germany is one of the best options for students. Germany has been selected as the most educational institution for the students all over the world offering them every possible advantage to get deserving degrees. Studying in Germany is not as expensive as the other premier institutions of the world. Both the local students and the international students are given equal opportunity to excel professionally, as well as academically. In most cases, the lectures are given in English which makes .munication easy for the international students. Though there are a number of universities to apply for, here’s a briefing on the top four universities in Germany. Free University of Berlin The free universities in Germany allow continuing higher education quite economically. One of the top ranking university in Germany considering best research centers in the university premises. It is situated in Berlin. In future the university expects a huge amount of students out of which one third of the student will be from overseas. Last year this university had bagged the 87th position in the record of QS World University ranking. The university is famous for its humanities, social sciences and arts faculty. In various countries like United States, Russia, China, Europe, India branches are present of this university allowing intimate partnership with the universities of these countries. Humbolt University of Berlin It is one of the oldest universities of Berlin having more than 10% of the student from overseas. In 2012-2013 it took 99th position at Times Higher Education World University Ranking. Here in this university hardcore research centers are present where the students get the opportunity to work with renowned research faculties from all over the world like climate and sustainable research, history of sciences and quantities economics. Technical University of Munich Techische Universital Munchen, or TUM, is the highest ranking university which ranked 53rd position on World University Rankings, just before Heidelburg University. Among the top universities in Germany, this institution is famous for technical fields like engineering sections. The university consists of 5,000 students out of which 16% of the students are of international level. The university has connections with number of other renowned universities around the world like U.S Schools such as MIT, Stanford, Ge.ia Tech and Cornell for its research centers and engineering strength. The university prevails an intimate partnership with Europe and Asia. Ludwig Maxmilian University of Munich It is one of the oldest universities ranking in the 60th position in the QS World University Ranking giving a tough rivalry to the universities like TUM and Heidelburg. 15% of its students population is outsiders. The university takes classes in English so that every single student can attain and understand the lectures mainly in the areas of business management, physics, and psychology. It also offers fields of different interests which helps the student to select their course and live their dream in future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: