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The 9 brigade of more than 800 enterprises under the framework of the alleged "National Tourism Bureau rectification unreasonable low price tour products at the most recent meeting of the" unreasonable low price tour "conference, criticized the same way, the way cattle, Ctrip, UTS, mafengwo, tour, donkey mother, 360 tail will travel, Mango travel 9 brigade the tour companies named, harsh criticism especially for donkey mother and other commitment to the community after the rectification is not in place of enterprise. According to statistics, at present, 9 have been criticized for the tourism business has been on the shelf alleged unreasonable cheap tour products, some unreasonable products have disappeared from the site client. According to the National Tourism Administration issued the "crackdown on" unreasonable low price tour "opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), travel agencies to provide tourist product price is lower than the local tourism sector integrity of tourist guide price of more than 30%, which belongs to the "unreasonable low price tour". Since October this year, the National Tourism Administration in the country for unreasonable low price tour special rectification, a large number of unreasonable low price products were ordered off the shelf. Was criticized in the OTA online travel agency focused on the "opinions" also announced the punishment processing standard of "unreasonable low price tour" violations of the travel agency, confiscate the illegal income, shall be ordered to suspend business for three months, if the circumstances are serious, travel agency business license revoked; a fine of three hundred thousand yuan, the illegal income more than three hundred thousand yuan, a fine of five times the illegal income; included in the tourism business service bad information, and transferred to the tourism service credit files, to be announced to the public. It is reported that in the latest National Tourism Bureau held "unreasonable low price tour rectification meeting, for since October in the country to carry out the" unreasonable low price tour "special rectification are summarized and the deployment of the next step, for each big travel agency enterprise attaches great importance to the rectification action to eliminate the sale of" unreasonable cheap travel products, and jointly safeguard the healthy and orderly market environment. It is reported that the criticism was focused on the OTA online travel agency. The industry have expressed support, said Vice President of gztc travel agency if temperature, adhere to the "quality" to speak, without the need for substandard products off the shelf, to the National Tourism Administration against "unreasonable low price tour support. Donkey mother CEO Wang Xiaosong told the Guangzhou Daily reporter said, has now set up an unreasonable low price special rectification team. All alleged unreasonable cheap tour products, once found offline. Travel agencies need to adhere to the low price of travel to adhere to the quality of tourism why travel agencies are often unreasonable low price tour? There are those who believe that the tourism industry, the key is not reasonable cheap travel as well as profit margins, the real solution should be the existence of fraud tourism products to crack down on. The so-called low-cost travel, and tourism is not a rational enterprise profits, but a "fishing strategy": the travel agency to a much lower than the cost of the price will attract tourists to come in, and then sold to the tourist guide, tour guide through several shopping return commission and the increased expense of tourist attractions ticket price to earn return. A travel agency official said, in the face of this vicious circle, tourism consumers have to change consumer habits. Some tourists in the selection of tourism products do not look at the service, do not look at the content, only the price. Tourist market consultation相关的主题文章: