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67 year old aunt to take care of two old widowed neighbor every day for seven years – Beijing newspaper October 9th hearing the saying goes, better than distant neighbors. "Don’t look at a wall, but we’re like a family." In Harbin Daoli District Pine Street No. 34 hospital, 90 year old Guo Chenglu and 82 year old Guo Shuqin has been introduced with their neighbor Li Guifu. Guo Chenglu and Guo Shuqin are a pair of elderly, siblings. Seven years ago, the 60 year old neighbor Li Guifu learned that Guo Chenglu and Guo Shuqin old action inconvenience and life without care, take the initiative to assume their housework. Every day, Li Guifu will give two of the elderly at home to buy fresh vegetables, do hot meals for them, have time to accompany them to recall. Li Guifu’s wife Zhang Shutong is every year to help the elderly carry on weekdays also regularly Qiucai, home for the elderly barber. Although these are small things, Li Guifu couple is dry for seven years. This National Day holiday, the reporter walked into this special family, feel their neighborhood affection". Ten years ago, the District moved to a special residents, what do you want to eat today? It’s a bit expensive these days." "Take any food, you buy what we eat. Wait, I’ll give you the money to." "Not in a hurry." "Do not buy too much, carrying two family dishes, I am afraid you can not take." The morning National Day day, Li Guifu as usual knocked on the door of the house downstairs siblings, repeating this has been said seven years of conversation. Guo Shuqin didn’t tell Li Guifu what to buy food, but that is National Day, Li Guifu is going to give the children improve the food, and in the morning they bought a live fish, two cucumbers, half a catty of dried tofu and a bundle of spinach. "Guo brother and sister Guo favorite I do braised fish in soy sauce." After buying food, Li Guifu returned to his siblings home, began their day to prepare meals. The siblings live in the house area is not large, but the room furnishings a lot, but very clean and tidy up. We old brother and sister all these years by Li care." Li Guifu was in the kitchen, Guo Shuqin told reporters. Guo Chenglu and Guo Shuqin moved to the area 10 years ago. They lived near stone street. Brother Guo Cheng Road is a violin player, production, maintenance of skilled violin; sister Guo Shuqin was a nurse in a hospital. Both brothers were never married early and mother living together, after her mother died, stone street of the old house 844000, they moved to this place to live. "When I first came here, I and my brother’s body can also do some housework, buy food is not a problem. But now people are old, the body is not as good as one day, these things are also more and more difficult to do." Guo Shuqin said, one day in 2009, she went to the market to buy food on the way home met Li Guifu, "she saw me take things trouble walking, erhuamoyue help me at home, that’s when she began to take care of our house every day." Seven years, "enthusiastic building" every day to help his neighbors to buy food to cook Guo Chenglu and Guo Shuqin live on the four floor, the floor of the house to live in the second floor of the building, and the floor of the building, the building of the house, the first floor of the building, the second floor of the building, and the floor of the house, and the相关的主题文章: