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UnCategorized Mastering the "Art of Happiness" is the key to living a beautiful and successful life. Yes not money, not power, but happiness. This is that elusive object which we are all running after, all yearning for. Happiness is very difficult to define and put into a few words, but it is essentially that state of mind where we are .pletely satisfied with us, and our lives, and we are at peace with ourselves. As simple as this may sound, happiness is the most difficult state to achieve. Sages and philosophers have been trying to find the perfect solution to achieve it for millions of years. However the only way to master the it is to be happy with oneself. If I am happy with myself, my work, the people around me, then I am happy, and the simplest way to master it is to ‘smile’. Yes, smile! If you can smile through all the adversities and problems in your life, then you have perfected the art of happiness. This state can be achieved only when you have a positive attitude. Happiness cannot be achieved if you are pessimistic, and have a negative attitude. It is only when you can smile even in the face of adversity or when the chips are down, even when things are not exactly going our way, that you can be happy. The most important lesson that has to be learnt from this is to have confidence in yourself, and give yourself respect. Happiness is when you are satisfied with yourself, when you can smile even if you do not have a best of cars, flashy bungalows or more money than your neighbour. A crucial aspect of happiness is also related to making people around you happy. Helping others, and making them happy with your deeds is perhaps the most fulfilling way to master the art of happiness. Even simple everyday things, like greeting people with a smile, helping elders, treating everyone equally creates a positive impact on people. The greatest joy you can have is to see the happiness on the face of others, especially your loved ones as a result of your actions. Then, you would have truly mastered the art of happiness. Therefore, always have a positive attitude, do not let greed and selfishness rule your heart, and you will then have perfected this mysterious art of happiness. It is strange but very true. Studies have proved that just pretending to be cheerful, speaking in a happy tone, wearing a great smile and walking confidently can actually trigger joy. This is the simplest way of proving that smile relates to happiness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: