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Travel-and-Leisure Known as a key part of the tourist trade in Orlando, if youve been to the one of the citys various attractions then you have most probably been on this International Drive (I-Drive) a strip of road that goes through Orlando. It is roughly 14.5 miles long. I-Drive is home to many hotels, small tourist attractions, restaurants and other .mercial properties. The I-Drives first section was laid out in 1960s by attorney Finley Hamilton to serve his Hilton Inn South, opened in May 1970. His thought was that once Walt Disney World opened in October 1971, tourists would spot the Hilton whilst travelling to the park along the I-4. The I-Ride trolley travels all the way along I-Drive it is one of the main forms of transport to travel. The 14.5 miles strip goes from the busy centre to the calming greens flushed with some amazing Orlando vacation rentals. If shopping is what you want to do then there are areas at both ends of I-Drive that will cater to your needs or more importantly wants. At the north end of I-Drive is the Prime Outlets International here you will find over 150 stores with big name brands such as Nike, Ken.h Cole and Ralph Lauren having discount stores there. At the other end of I-Drive is the Festival Bat Mall that is an enclosed shopping mall that has a Cinemark movie theatre, a 13, 700 square foot indoor playground and a glow in the dark miniature golf course. There are loads of restaurants that you can go to on I Drive, it just depends on what you want. If you’re in the mood to stuff yourself then there are quite a lot of restaurants that will cater your hunger there is the ponderosa which is a decent priced buffet place but not of top quality food. If you want a top quality buffet then look no further than the Golden Corral. Where do I start this is a place where you will be treated like a king here you can have BBQ pork, BBQ pork Ribs, Bourbon Street, Turkey , Chicken and Steak which are freshly cut and cooked to your preference. This includes desert as well so you can make your own sweet after dinner snack such as ice cream, fruit, bread pudding, Cookies and even gummy bears if you just want a little thing to nibble. If youre in the mood for fast food I-Drive is home a McDonalds that claims to be the largest in the nation. This is located in the heart of International Drive. It stands out from the rest because of its large entertainment options and expanded Bistro Gourmet menu, So in addition to the traditional kids and normal items this one has more options like grilled Panini sandwiches, special gourmet desserts, pasta dishes and custom made breakfast options all of which are prepared by the in-house chefs that round out the selections. For the fun part the McDonald’s play place is multi storied and contains slides and tubes, loads of arcade machines some of which the older generation may remember from their younger years and is an ideal place to hold parties especially birthdays. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: