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Careers-Employment Employee motivation is important for any organization that wants to retain good and well-performing employees. Motivation can help organizations carry out their business objectives. Anyone who has undergone training courses knows very well the great things that can result from proper employee motivation within an organization. There are several ways by which employees can be motivated to do better in their work. These methods can be formal or informal. Below are some of the approaches that you can take when you want to better motivate your subordinates: Recognize Meritorious Performance Who wouldn’t want to feel appreciated? Every employee would certainly want to be recognized for the good they have done for the organization. As a manager, it would be best if you can recognize employees who have performed well in their respective jobs. This can be done through performance appraisals. Once you have .e up with the names of employees who are worthy to be given .mendation for their achievements in the .pany through the performance appraisals, you can then arrange for them to be given just rewards. The rewards can be in any form, such as salary increase, promotion, gifts, or tokens of appreciation. Sponsoring well-performing employees to take a management training program that will better enhance their skill and worth in the .pany will also be a great motivation tool. This can make employees feel they are being valued as a part of the organization and that they are given the chance to augment their status. Announce the Achievement of the Employee Posting the names of employees who have performed well within a certain period on the .pany bulletin board can boost the ego and self-esteem of the employees included in the list. This can motivate them to do better and to strive to be included in the list of achievers again and again, leading to more productivity within the workplace. This action can also motivate low-performing employees. Exemplary performance can also be announced during .pany functions, such as in Christmas parties or .pany anniversaries. A plaque of appreciation can also be given to boost the self-esteem of these employees. Take the Team Out of the Workplace Some project management courses also teach managers to take informal approaches when motivating employees. These approaches can include inviting the team out to a special dinner or lunch in recognition for a job well done. An outing or excursion that included activities for team building will also do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: