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Home-and-Family Mario Williams is a partner at Lone Star Roofing, a third-generation family-owned and operated roofing contractor located in Texas. A graduate of the University of Texas, Williams is known throughout the state as an expert in .mercial and industrial roofing techniques. In this article, he explains what roofing inspections are and why they are important for your project. Asking for a roofing inspection from a private .pany is a really important step in the process of having a new roof put on your home or .mercial building. These inspections should be done by an independent contractor or roofing consultant who inspects roofs exclusively, as opposed to someone who also builds them. The reason that I mention that a roofing inspection should be done by someone who does consulting exclusivelyinstead of someone who also does construction workis because that inspector could possibly have the ulterior motive of wanting the job for himself. So an inspector who also has his own roofing contracting .pany is not going to give you the same level of unbiased information as someone who does inspections and consulting exclusively. Along with just inspecting the job at the end, owners can also hire inspectors or consultants who will keep track of the progress the whole way through. If this is a route you are going, then I would encourage you to hire an inspector before the project even begins. That way he isnt being dumped into the project mid-way through. Aside from private inspectors, some people also have manufacturers inspectors at their project site. The manufacturers inspector is a representative from the .pany who watches over the entire project to ensure things are done correctly. He will be at the project site during the beginning, middle, and end of the roofing job. And once he has determined that everything was done right, he will sign off on the manufacturers warranty. So for people who still are not entirely clear on what a private roofing inspector does, this is a person who looks at a roofing project and lets his clients know the truth about the construction and how things are .ing alonganything the client might need to know, really. An architect is also someone who can do this for certain clients. People can find a good roofing inspector in the same way that they find roofers themselves. Inspectors are often listed in the phone book under their own headingseparate from the contractorsand also have their are affiliated with professional organizations. Overall, hiring a professional roofing inspector is a great way to ensure that the work being done to your roof is of the highest quality and that the job is .pleted to your satisfaction. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: