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College-University In a welcome move, IITs in India will post the corrected answer sheets online. This will happen for the first time in India. Exam takers can now see their evaluated answer papers even before the result is declared. IIT Delhi, one of the reputed engineering colleges in Delhi, decided for the online visibility of answer sheets. This institute conducted the Joint Entrance Examination on April 8 2012 and the date of results is fixed for May18 2012. IIT Delhi decided to make visible the evaluated answer sheets online only for six day, staring from May 5 to May 10. The evaluated answer sheets will be available to students in the Joint Entrance Examination website. Students can make use of this and go through the evaluated answer sheets. They can point if any discrepancy is noticed like error in checking or wrong calculation of marks. The exam takers can then register their complaints with the examination authorities. IIT Delhi will go through the complaints and update necessary changes if required. This will be done before preparing the final list of results. This is for the first time that IIT will show the optical response sheets (ORS) to exam takers. There are many cases where candidates have not darkened the response bubble completely. In such cases, scanner might not read the answer. With answer sheets visible, students can find such errors in their ORS and lodge a complaint online. For year 2012, more than 4.5 lakh students appeared for this years JEE examination. This year exam is held in two parts and accordingly the candidate will have two ORS. The two ORS will upload online. The exam taker can search by their registration number and date of birth. According to exam rules, the examining authorities will consider answer sheets only when the answer bubble will have more than half shading. The IIT Delhi officials mentioned that ORS will be uploaded as a image. The other IIT located in Mumbai, Khararpur et al will send their representatives and together will carry out the revision process. The updated scores will be shown by May 15 2012. The Joint Entrance Examinations chairperson, Professor GB Reddy said that ranks for this year JEE would be out by May 18. About IIT: IIT Delhi is one of the premier engineering colleges in Delhi. This autonomous body in India offers innovative engineering learning. A variety of engineering courses is available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students can study in IIT Delhi after qualifying the entrance examination, which is conducted jointly by all IITs in India. Some undergraduate programs available here are Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Textile Technology, Electrical Engineering (Power) and Computer Science and Engineering. The college also offers Online Executive Development Programmes, Short Term courses and Ph.D research. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: