6 years of work in the north of Beijing to create a healthy new way of life – Sohu automobile nrf905

To the north of Beijing modern horses for 6 years to create a new way of life – health Sohu automobile in September 17, 2016, with the 2016 Beijing modern Beijing marathon officially start firing, marking the Beijing to join the modern Beijing marathon has been together for 6 years.       quality of service escalation as title sponsor for 6 consecutive years of events, Beijing modern and Beijing marathon is a strong alliance. The title sponsor of the 6 years, relying on the Beijing marathon strong appeal, Beijing modern realizes the direct conversion of sales, help enterprises in the rapid development in recent years, the fourth industry solid market position. In the Beijing marathon, relying on modern Beijing is about to break through 8 million of the user base, will also call for more users to participate in sports, to create a healthier lifestyle.       hand in hand for 6 years, the influence of the Beijing marathon is growing day by day, at the same time, Beijing Hyundai is also constantly improve the service support ability. The tournament in Beijing, greatly improving the security of modern cars and the number of vehicles involved in the operation, the models up to 25 models, including the scope of the Beijing modern brand almost all models, to be arranged broadcasting, photography, officials, athletes and event services provide different cars, so as to meet the demand of vehicle event operation.       new energy products pass the green way to travel in many service models, this year the ninth generation Sonata hybrid version is more eye-catching. Product features bring on hybrid system, is not only good to meet the demand for various game operations, through low emissions and low fuel consumption product advantages, passing out green energy-saving concept of life to love sports participants.       with the environmental health of life is becoming a fashion, health and vitality of young people become the most popular fashion label, to participate in the Beijing marathon and other sports events, is the interpretation of this label is the most powerful. In view of this, the always on consumer demand and market trend of the proper grasp of modern Beijing, is the ninth generation Sonata hybrid version, played "New Way" banner, with the product as the cornerstone of sports as the carrier, to create a healthy, LOHAS lifestyle Well-Being. Sports marketing share life experience will pass out of this way of life, and to share with young people, Beijing also spare no effort by more modern, close to the young consumer’s innovative marketing activities, the desire to communicate with their spirit, stimulate the enthusiasm of users, from the concept of life continue to penetrate and Well-Being.       participate in the title sponsor of the Beijing marathon is one of them. Brand since its inception, has been committed to the modern Beijing sponsored by sports events to transfer their advocacy of positive and optimistic philosophy of life and the way to travel, in addition to the Beijing marathon, Beijing World Cup, or modern)相关的主题文章: