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Doctor Zhao Guoguang |: for the sake of others of the kind, is the culture of Sohu to build the first medical health [original new media reports, China’s top medical team, providing the strongest service medical guide for China] top medical team — the figures: · Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University; Department of Neurosurgery — Dean Zhao Guoguang doctor weapon spectrum the editor, Ding Shanshan | high morning New Media Editor Hu Cheng | snow | sauce Xuanwu hospital photography this year, Zhao Guoguang ushered in an important change of resume their occupation career. In May, he became president of the Capital Medical University hospital in Xuanwu, burning the "dream" of the heart to reinforce the departure of "reality", makes a new beginning…… the hospital culture depends on the history, the connotation of hospital culture with each employee’s work attitude is closely related. Zhao Guoguang, culture is a kind of good for the sake of patients for the employees. The doctor is a "soothing agent", first Zhao Guoguang, hair neat. Rimless glasses after the eyes with a little smile, such as the two curved crescent. The white coat he was strict in demands on your body, a light blue shirt and red tie. Wrist at each exposed two cm shirt cuffs, symmetrical just right. One Tuesday afternoon, Zhao Guoguang went into the clinic this rash and too much in haste to the clinic, the afternoon. A man wearing a swastika, holding a magazine with not just come in, sit down, Zhao Guoguang smiled and greeted Playing: "Yo, comrade, this magazine is a joint use?" He also pointed to his chest emblem. In a word, the atmosphere in the outpatient clinic is lively. There is a more than and 60 year old, came to seek medical treatment because of declining expression. Zhao Guoguang asked, "how much is 100 dollars minus $7?" The effort to think for a long time, answer: "7?" "That’s a big loss!" Zhao Guoguang joked, "what did you eat last night?" "Across the street…… That……" See each other to thinking but not complete answer expression, Zhao Guoguang took out a pen in his pocket, up to the old man in front of you: "don’t worry, slowly think, what is this?" "Is…… Write…… Word used." "Yes, what is it called?" "Is…… I know…… But cannot say." After a few simple questions Zhao Guoguang’s judgment, it is a typical "alexia agraphia agnosia syndrome" may be caused by long-term hypertension and diabetes patients. "You don’t have to worry about it. Go ahead and get a blood vessel ultrasound, look at the neck and intracranial blood vessels, and then we’ll figure out what to do next." Then, a hand in the old man’s shoulder. Humorous language, just perfect comfort, Zhao Guoguang always try to put down the anxiety of patients waiting, will not feel perfunctory, and will hold the efficiency at the proper level. As Dean, when full相关的主题文章: