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The introduction of the household registration system reform program to 30 provinces of Beijing Hukou reform canceled the agricultural accounts will be unified urban and rural residents account register of households with the people "accounts" policy of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government on further reform of the household registration system implementation opinions "released yesterday. "Opinions" put forward, the city will establish a unified household registration system, the abolition of agricultural accounts and non-agricultural Hukou distinction, unified registration of resident accounts, the household registration system reflects the population registration and management functions. So far, the introduction of the national household registration system reform program increased to 30 provinces. Peking University professor Lu Jiehua said that the residents of the household registration system to solve the past urban and rural household registration system to break the barriers of urban and rural household registration is an important direction of reform. For Beijing, it is more difficult than other cities. Many farmers believe that their homestead is the guarantee of future life, so there are concerns about the residents. Therefore, we can not rely on coercive means to reform, to take measures to attract farmers to register, which is an important aspect of system design to be considered. In improving the account migration policy, the opinions put forward to implement the city’s integral settled policy, orderly long-term stable employment and living in Beijing settled in the resident population. "The need to build sophisticated economic structure, improve the high-level personnel, shortage of qualified personnel needed in the system, attract domestic and overseas high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship in beijing. "Opinions", the establishment of an account migration policy co-ordination mechanism, the study of households with people to move out of the account policy. In this regard, Lu Jiehua said, the current account is not pre conditions for employment, so some of the residents to the field of long-term employment did not take account of the move, in addition, due to the current dynamic information collection is not perfect, so the population flow of information is difficult to grasp, "with the people" accounts from the actual operation there difficult policy. "Opinions" put forward, to the total population of red line, and actively promote the "people with functions go, with the industry to go, continue to reduce the population density in the city center. By 2020, the city’s resident population is controlled within 23 million people, the city’s resident population in the District of six in 2014 fell by about 15 percentage points. Accelerate the construction of the city’s population and permanent population dynamic monitoring platform for urban management and population control to provide support. Classification of labor and employment, education, income, social security, housing, credit, health planning, taxation, marriage, ethnic and other information systems, and gradually achieve cross sectoral information integration and sharing. The implementation of the residence permit system, residence permit holders enjoy employment, participate in social insurance, deposit extraction and use of housing provident fund and other rights. We will actively create conditions to steadily expand the scope of public services enjoyed by holders of residence permits, and gradually improve service standards. (reporter Zhang Lu) (Beijing Morning News)相关的主题文章: