Swimming all the race leaves poetry 100 frog said to go to Tsinghua University, sixth (video)-步步高i606

The swimming championships Ye 100 frogs will go to study at Tsinghua revealed sixth [Abstract] the national swimming championship contest 11 days into the third match day, Mao Feilian and Zhou Yilin were the men’s 400 meters individual medley, women’s 100 meters butterfly champion; ye ranked sixth in the women’s 100 meters breaststroke. Ye poor performance (original title: National Swimming Championships: Zhou Yilin Zhaijin plant "small leaf" will go to study at Tsinghua) news agency in Mount Huangshan on 11 September, (reporter Wu Lan) 11 days of competition to enter the third day of the National Swimming Championships, a total of 7 gold medals. Rio Olympic athletes Mao Feilian, Zhou Yilin took the men’s 400 meters individual medley, women’s 100 meters butterfly champion. Rio Olympic medalist Wang Shunze won the silver medal in men’s 50 meter backstroke, Olympic champion Ye Shiwen ranked sixth in the women’s 100 meters breaststroke. In the morning of the day at the end of the women’s 200 m freestyle project, originally appeared in the list of Fu Yuanhui and ye not participating. This "three project of the young girl" Fu Yuanhui has participated in the end of the game, she abstained. On the night of the finals, Liaoning contestant Wang Jingzhuo swam 1 minute 58 seconds 32 players to win the championship, Beijing Yi Fang and Tianjin’s Dong Jie won the runner up and second runner up. In the men’s 50 meter backstroke finals, won the Rio Olympics swimming in the men’s 200 meters individual medley bronze Wang Shun in the second lane, second to 25. 73 seconds, Guangdong contestant He Jianbin by 25 seconds 31 score to win. Wang Shun said after the game, the 50 meter backstroke is his weakness, but as an important project in the medley, need to find to find the feeling in the game, in the relatively relaxed environment, help to improve the performance. In the women’s 100 meters breaststroke preliminaries, leaf verse 1 points 10 19 seconds in the final of this project. In the evening of the final, small leaves swim out of their own satisfaction with the results of 1 minutes and 09 seconds 99, but only listed the project’s top sixth, the last Zhang Xinyu to score 1 minutes 08 seconds to win the championship. After the game, he said, this is his best in the project, due to the overall sense of fatigue, so the poor performance of the race. She said, is about to go to Tsinghua University to study, will be learning while ensuring the level of training. The men’s 400 meters individual medley final ignited the enthusiasm of the audience that night. The first 200 meters, the plant is still in the fifth breaststroke, with full play, in the 300 meters to catch up from behind, while more than before has always ranked first in the county, then two people have been in a stalemate, finally the plant with 4 points 17 seconds 69 score to win, Shanghai’s Wang Zhou to 4 minutes and 18 seconds 44 runner up, Shi Yi won the second runner up. Mao Feilian said after the game, the results did not reach the expected 4 minutes and 16 seconds, the backstroke is his "flawed", resulting in the first 200 meters behind the more, if tired, will be very difficult to get a good result. Wang Jingzhuo and Yu Yingbiao won the women’s 200 meters freestyle and the men’s 200 meters butterfly champion. Guangdong won the men’s 4× 100 meter freestyle relay gold medal, followed by Zhejiang. 2)相关的主题文章: