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Sexual life is not satisfied? Uncle Kegel to help you – Sohu health since last week issued the article, postpartum OO loose how to do? "We received many messages, their reaction XXOO gradually, while the wood had past passion, couples and couples feelings will become light, only the past eventful years, it can be done? Don’t worry, it’s hard to count on me. To ensure that this method can let you see lovely scenes. Don’t worry, don’t worry. Listen to me! Last week we talked about some medicine surgery and surgery, we talk about the way the money will not, this is the Kegel exercise, called Uncle Kegel, can help you adjust this XXOO does not satisfy the passion, not enough irritability, can also promote the feelings between two people! Are you excited??? Wait, please don’t call me Lei Feng, because I am!!! Wow ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What is the movement of foreigners to pursue the pursuit of love is always tireless. After pelvic exercise, double yoga, a kind of "Kegel" is popular. This exercise can effectively improve the quality of sexual life of women; for men, it can enhance the strength of the muscles responsible for ejaculation and strength, so that it can control the ejaculation. Kegel campaign for the crowd? Many people think that Kegel is only suitable for men and women who are not pregnant, this is a misunderstanding! The Kegel movement is good for both men and women of any age. For women during pregnancy and after birth, Kegel exercise not only can reduce the chance of perineal laceration during childbirth, but also can promote the recovery of postpartum vaginal sphincter elasticity as soon as possible. The advantages of female Kegel movement through the exercise of pelvic floor muscles, allowing more blood flow to the pelvic region, strengthen uterine muscle, lower support vaginal sphincter and urethral sphincter strength, increase friction pleasure during sexual intercourse, vaginal contraction strengthen orgasm. Pregnant and postpartum women through pelvic floor training, can enhance the health of their reproductive system, our baby’s health is also very helpful. Male to male by Kegel exercise strong your pelvic floor muscles so as to control the flow of semen, and erection hardness when ejaculation eruption force. How to train? The training of women lying in bed, a finger is inserted into the vagina, the body relax, then active muscle contraction clamping fingers, inspiratory in muscle contraction, muscle strength to feel wrapped on the fingers. When you relax your muscles, exhale and repeat several times. For 3 seconds, continue to contract for about 3 seconds. Take out your fingers and continue to contact to relax the muscles. Focus on muscle contraction and relaxation. It is recommended to do 10 3 seconds of contraction and relaxation, gradually from the contraction of the muscles to the contraction of 5 seconds to 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times as a group, daily reward相关的主题文章: