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The Premier League Live: Manchester United VS Leicester City Football online video broadcast address – Sohu. Physical nature of game. 2016-2017 Premier League season sixth round * * * * live address against Manchester United team VS Leicester city. Game time. Late on Saturday September 24, 2016. The 19:30 correlation channel. Live Premier League Football Video – Manchester United VS Leicester city match Preview: the biggest question Rooney the Red Devils line instability Beijing time on September 24th (Saturday) at 19:30 in the evening (England local time 12:30 on September 24th), the 2016-17 Premier League season will be a focus of the war sixth round, Manchester United against Leicester city at old trafford. Manchester United have won 3 straight defeats in the midweek Carling Cup win, but still need a convincing victory to boost confidence. The two teams have 122 games 61 wins, 28 draws and 33 defeats Manchester, two teams in the Premier League clash 20 Manchester United 12 wins 6 flat 2 negative, both teams in the Premier League last season with two. Nearly 16 times the two teams clash in Leicester city won only 1 games, Leicester city last 1998 – or Manchester united. In last month’s Community Shield, Manchester United beat Leicester City 2-1 cup. The two teams are not good in the recent League Manchester United in the Carling Cup win, but had suffered 3 consecutive defeats, and in the Premier League ranked out of the top 4, the urgent need for a league victory. Defending champion Leicester city is now only ranked eleventh, the last league was swept away by the Liverpool 4-1, if the city of Leicester lost again, then the situation and last season’s defending champion Chelsea somewhat similar. Rooney is the first episode of whether Rooney is now the biggest focus of Manchester United lineup. Rooney’s recent performance is very bad, in the face of the cup League one has not played in the week in the league, in order to let Rooney back, Mourinho has played Rooney in front of a plurality of positions, but no matter where Rooney had poor performance, so it took Rooney a loud voice. Rooney himself does not admit defeat, in the League Cup after the interview, he said that most of the comments outside the trash, he will strive to do their own. Now Rooney can continue to start, not a performance support but he supported in United’s position, even mkhitaryan Bo Geba, Mata, Herrera can play as a midfielder to replace Rooney for many. The coach, replaced Rooney if results continue to bad, then by the authority in the squad will be questioned. Now the race is very unfavorable for Mourinho, Manchester United against Leicester City, Liverpool City, Storck and Chelsea in the League will be continuous except Storck, outside the other competitors are not a good deal, with Rooney after the possibility of bad results continue to be. How to adjust the recent United back line Manchester United defender line performance is not ideal, the week in the League Cup to League one constant threat. United now is the biggest problem of back line defender, Smolin and Blinder’s status is not ideal, but the new aid Bailey state in the near future also fell. The match in Leicester city with Vardi, Maheras, sliema:相关的主题文章: