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Our health doctor in "love time" to tell you exactly how good is it birth – Sohu of the Jilin maternal and child education Radio "love time" program has invited the deputy director of the Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital obstetric treatment area in this period as a brilliant guest, Yan teacher in obstetrics and gynecology in more than 30 years of professional, good variety of gynecological surgery, hysterectomy. Caesarean section, severe laceration suture surgery. This program focuses on the choice of the mode of delivery. The Yan teacher mentioned natural childbirth means usually say the birth, will choose delivery or caesarean section when vaginal delivery can not be made. To decide whether can natural childbirth maternal factors are many, including: labor force, fetal birth canal, and psychological factors. Natural childbirth is the mode of delivery the doctor is now advocating, in the ten years before the doctor will not introduce the advantages and disadvantages of natural childbirth and maternal cesarean section, so basically women will choose a caesarean section, it can reduce the pain caused by uterine contraction because prenatal. However, from the point of view of the child’s development, caesarean section will bring some bad effects, such as: ADHD, attention and other issues. States Yan teacher pointed out that children are on the one hand, but the most important thing is the maternal factors. When there are some complications of maternal, it is necessary to choose caesarean section. Our teacher said: Yan pregnancy to childbirth is the physiological instinct of women, women can directly absorb nutrients in natural production, the body recover quickly, simply, reduce the incidence of postpartum complications. The fetus through the vagina is the first time to experience their output in life opportunities, vaginal friction on the baby’s skin, making the baby neural development is perfect, and the respiratory and cardiopulmonary function development are very good. Some women is afraid of pain rather than natural childbirth, but a caesarean section is mainly postoperative pain, not normal eating and cannot be freely movable, the recovery time is very long, and easy to cause postpartum venous thrombosis and other complications of postpartum. In order to solve the natural childbirth pain, now the medical technology has been launched in labor analgesia in parturients and vaginal opening regular uterine contraction refers to the 3 that can be used with intrathecal injection analgesia, analgesic effect, suitable for severe pain of parturient. And maternal awake, can eat water, participate in the whole process of labor. When the program is nearing the end of the audience raised the question: the question: prenatal 1-3 months eating folic acid? The Yan teacher said: just eat folic acid is not enough, should also eat the kind of vitamins for pregnant women to ensure overall nutrition, the best selection of domestic production of folic acid with Chinese constitution. Two February 2015: Caesarean section, want a child, what time can be, if you want to natural childbirth to how long? The Yan teacher said: normal caesarean section for two years can try again when pregnant, but if you want it to do the full 5 years of trial production, to the hospital the examination indicators are qualified case, look at the case of uterine and uterine segment. I believe many people listen to the show for the birth of what was good heart.相关的主题文章: