The 37 year old to live to be at the age of 17, Joe Chen is the unpleasant silly white sweet! helmet怎么读

The 37 year old to live to be at the age of 17, Joe Chen is the unpleasant silly white sweet! The 37 year old Joe Chen live longer than 17 years full strength Jon gave us the biggest impression is always smiling very lovable Click to play GIF 1797K but people can not believe it because of her age not only cute smile, but also because of the little girl with daily action. With Ming Xi is adorable based on the circle of friends is not good friends, two people in the program met Jon smiles, hands with soft adorable little Click to play GIF 1008K also stand up to their hands, Fagafaga Mary Sue was not finished with GIF 1360K Click to play with Nana’s handshake is this snake version dangling Click to play GIF 933K with fairy sisters meet small action is more, standing behind Angie Chiu had crept back click to play GIF iris sister 1400K with iris sister together hand in hand to be happy for a long time play, Grinning shout touch Adrianne sister’s hand Click to play GIF 1876K received a small gift to the happy grin at the lift stage and boxing match time, also quietly behind to a boxing champion, and then ran away laughing and shouting "Yeah I hit Muhammad (naive ghost.) click on the play GIF 1533K attributes to expose what chowhound, say enough ~ Click to play GIF 1651K acting up himself to play bad Click to play GIF 1565K what the girl idol burden en not in fear! Click to play GIF 1444K is full of vitality to other girls how to how cute doll dress is no sense of violation and but to imagine Jon do not annoying blackflow silly white sweet, not only in the heart say "I am girl" can drop, rely on the strength and true LOHAS attitude! She is a silly story actually looks white sweet smile Jon eye shadow is a we can’t imagine life experience, childhood is her first shadow mother a bad temper, the young Jon often violent behavior, and the degree of sounds terrible in the bosom of parents in coquetry age, Jon was very afraid of my mom in the earlier reality show "filial piety" mentioned in the whirlwind, Jon together with her mother on the show had more than one of these childhood the shadow left click to play GIF 1940K not only grew up after childhood, mother Jon also has a lot of discipline arbitrary acting on her career, including the selection of Jon’s dream, after graduating from high school Jon really want to go to Taipei to play, my mother has been very not supported and blocked by Jon hope According to the wishes of their own life Click to play GIF 1494K Jon was a dream made a courageous decision, not obey the wishes of the mother, came to the development of Taiwan "golden 100" but the reality still return to her and did not imagine the good, no idol like smooth sailing career once frustration does not have the background, she also did not start, most can only do assistant and small models with playful style Tokebis later presided over the Taiwan three TV conference system was rookie selection!相关的主题文章: