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Sheng: claiming Buddha incarnation is not a liar is claiming the Buddha incarnation of demons, not a liar is demons (source: Phoenix Buddhism) mysterious phenomenon is not only a religious, not religious people will occur, but they regard as illusion to deal with mysterious phenomenon. As for the common people to the spirits of the phenomenon is still very confused and unknowable, subtle, that it is no real; that it has, rare collection. As for the religious, no matter what level, as long as the letter of the pious, well, will have more or less induction and psychic experience, from the standpoint of Buddhism, never deny, but do not pay attention to. If someone has a mysterious little thought is the induction, or that is the Buddha had supernatural visions, that is not correct. Buddha and Bodhisattva should have no phase, no phase and powerful, that is, the role of random response. But they will not take certain patterns and specific people as their envoys and representatives of God should be misdirected, and then through the sense, how could there be a specific person as the representative of the Buddha? Although there are Buddhas and Bodhisattvas represented by different people and it should not be, who see themselves as Buddha’s own. If a person, regardless of whether the Buddhist monks and laymen, or externalists followers, claiming to be the incarnation of Buddha, but if he did not want to lie to get the large profit, respectful, overbearing as ghosts, outside, is possessed significantly different, confuse. Although they also have a certain percentage of the work, but in the not so good faith, not the performance of the Buddhist faith identity, nor trust manifestations of this phenomenon people. From the Buddhist history to see, only the story of the Buddha is Buddha, there is no second people claiming to be the example of the buddha. If no matter what is claimed to be the Buddha, Buddha, is a big inconvenience to lying, is attached to the phenomenon of ghosts. The surface, they are for rescue, in fact is to encourage public huoluan hearts, not engaged in the actual work, but fortunately caused by bliss. The Buddha is the same, the history of the Buddha, the Buddha was only Maitreya Bodhisattva, said he was in the fifty-six hundreds of millions of thousand years, the second in the world of buddha. Others such as Avalokiteshvara, Manjusri, Samantabhadra, the Bodhisattva is not historical figures, but by the known Big Buddha buddha. In addition, such as maming Tuas Nagarjuna, no Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva India Shiqin Mahayana theory division, but also future generations according to their Mahayana Bodhisattva deeds, respect them. As China rooftop master, was later known as the East small Buddha, but he is still a man claiming to believe; Yongming Yanshou Jackson, known as the incarnation of Amitabha, that is not his personal readme; Mount Jiuhua is in possession of the prince of Xinluo, a monk, named possession later that he is in possession of the incarnation Bodhisattva, nor he claimed to be a bodhisattva. So, Sambo disciples were, should see all sentient beings are the future of the Buddha, the Buddha is also present, but they are not the identity. If these are claimed to be the Buddha of the people, you can say the past, indicating your future, even if you and your relationship history background, and predict your future development, also should not be confused by the. Ghosts have the power.相关的主题文章: