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Shandong girl was continued: the number one card fraud fraud information submitted to the Ministry of Beijing – Shandong Linyi girl Xu Yuyu in the receiving section 171 telephone fraud, will be used to pay tuition fees 9900 yuan of money to cheat, aware of being cheated unfortunately died of cardiac arrest. The 25 day, the number of telephone fraud operators that have special communications far will submit a number of fraud personal real name authentication information to the ministry. The information submitted includes the cardholder’s identity card number, communication records and other information. Far special communications, said it would actively cooperate with relevant departments to assist in the investigation. Xu Yuyu was killed in the news sparked heated debate, then the number is confirmed to belong to Beijing far special communications. 25, 2009, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter interviewed far special communications market manager Nie Jiaxing. Nie Jiaxing told BYD reporters said in the notice related news, due to telecom fraud, far had a special internal self-examination, and found the card belongs to the special communications far. Far special communication has the background information, including personal information, ID card number and phone records were saved and explain the situation to the police, if the police need can offer. It is understood that the Ministry of industry in the end of 2013 and early in the year to the first batch of the two batch of a total of 19 private enterprises issued a virtual operator license (). Nie Jiaxing to the North Green newspaper reporter said that the virtual operator has been established only two years, is still in the operational aspects of continuous improvement." The virtual name paragraph 170 and paragraph 171 of the main Shiyuan special operations, "our first requirement is the real name authentication, but at the beginning of the hardware equipment and regulatory conditions to do supervision must be the real name. Now the company has improved, with the corresponding system can be screened and verified in the background information." For frequent telecommunications fraud, Nie Jiaxing said, the company can not regulate the individual behavior of each citizen, only in the workflow process to ensure complete procedures, strict management. If follow-up problems, will try to cooperate with the investigation." BYD reporters call the Luozhuang Public Security Bureau of the political work, the police said that the current leadership in the Bureau command, the police are to solve the case. According to media reports, the suspect money bank account has been locked home, according to the clues, the task force has been rushed to the country, and strive to solve the case as soon as possible. 24, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said the school, after the school in addition to the admission notice to students, there is no school staff contact with Xu Yuyu, notify the issue of grants. For the problem of students’ personal information, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications special propaganda minister Xu Lei responded: "we sent the students in admission, admission includes safety education content, including the contents of anti fraud. It also lists some cases. Including the name of the teacher in the name of the name of the name of acquaintances, chat tools. There are questions about the safety of students to test the knowledge, sent to each new student." Text newspaper reporter Li Tiezhu trainee reporter Guo Linlin相关的主题文章: