Shaoxing, Zhuji, 88 year old man went to Hangzhou to pursue love lost dnf商人吧

Shaoxing, Zhuji, 88 year old went to Hangzhou to pursue the results of love lost for the past two days, in Hangzhou, one thing happened, once brush explosion in Hangzhou Zhuji circle of friends. The origin of things is a 88 year old love journey…… Looking for a pair of contact to the mother of 88 years old, is supposed to be the children around the knee, said of a couple years, but for Zhao Jia Zhen Shang Jing Cun Hu uncle, but this life is not achieved…… His life unmarried, childless, collar subsistence life. He has advanced in age a bit confused. The result made a stupid mistake. A few days ago, he was watching TV, there is a woman in Hangzhou, led a child looking for the other half, when the child shouted to the camera, "dad". Uncle Hu mistook the sound of father shouted at him, he mistakenly thought he had a wife and children, happy bad, "someone called me dad, I have a wife and children, can upset you, I want to go to Hangzhou to find them!" So, he took a low premium on desperate to Hangzhou. Lost four or five hours, met a Zhuji man to Hangzhou, the old man found himself completely without direction. Wu Tingting, Zhuji East White Lakers, ran an advertising company in Hangzhou Qiutao Road, settled there for 20 years, she found the old man. She was working overtime, heard a Zhuji accent outside the door, the other party seems to say, can not find a place". Wu Tingting hurried out. She saw Uncle Hu, wearing a tunic, with a large black briefcase, wrinkled, a very powerful. This uncle is too old, but also their own people in Zhuji, looked distressed." Wu Tingting said. Zhuji people want to help the people of Zhuji relay Wu Tingting accompanied him to a small hotel not far away, but unfortunately full. Wu Tingting thought about it, asking for help. Uncle sent to the rescue station, Wu Tingting began looking for clues through WeChat, hoping to help the elderly home. "I’m in the circle of friends and all the people of Zhuji in the group, we are eager for the old man." Hangzhou, Zhuji chamber of Commerce to help a lot of people. There are hundreds of people in Hangzhou Zhuji, soon, netizen "stale" came the important clues: "it is said that Beijing is Zhao village, the name should be called Liang yun……" Chairman of Hangzhou Zhuji chamber of Commerce in Gongshu Wang Guozhang also immediately made contact with the police station Zhao Jia Zhen, Zhuji, Hangzhou through the docking station, the old man found out the identity of all. 3 September 21st afternoon, uncle Liang Yun returned to Beijing Zhao Jia Zhen Village home, healthy, safe and healthy.相关的主题文章: