Side of the toilet while watching the scenery, such as transparent toilet you dare to enter 乃々果花

On the edge of the toilet while watching the scenery such transparent public toilets do you dare to look into the can, people outside can not "wait" "transparent" toilet, you want to experience? The morning of November 26th, Mr Li took the family to play since the arrival of Bishan District, in the Jade Plaza encounter such a "transparent" public toilets. On the edge of the toilet while watching the scenery became so comfortable to walk in toilet "frighten me, don’t piss." Lee said that the outer wall of the toilet is transparent glass, in the public toilets can be seen directly outside the toilet every move. Mr. Li ran to the toilet outside view the wall, found a false alarm. The outer wall of the public toilets is really glass, but from the outside can not see the public toilets. "Good to be interesting! And it turned out to be a very pleasant thing." Lee said, because the toilet is outside the green landscape, so through the transparent glass wall, he can look at the side of the toilet while watching the scenery. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter learned that, in Bishan show Lake Park Zhengda door, there is a way "transparent" public toilets. Two "transparent" public toilets are designed with a special glass exterior wall, can be seen from inside to outside, but can not be seen from the outside. We have designed a delicate green landscape outside the public toilets, in order to let everyone in the public toilets can also enjoy the scenery outside." Bishan Municipal Gardens Bureau responsible person, such a "transparent" design also effectively increase the public toilets inside the natural lighting, reducing public toilets daytime lighting electricity, energy saving and environmental protection. Bishan standard public toilets intimate convenience but also on the CCTV in fact, Bishan this two "transparent" public toilets are standard public toilets Bishan typical. This year, Bishan district has built 6 standardized toilets, the region’s standardized public toilets reached a total of 24. Among them, there are two glass appearance transparent toilets, other public toilets appearance also has its own characteristics. Although these open standards of public toilets are not the same, but they have the same characteristics, that is not only convenient, but also very intimate. Reporter survey found that the public toilets of every standard Bishan are clean and comfortable, toilets smell not smell, but fragrance. Each public toilets are equipped with air conditioning, keep the toilets within 24 hours of constant temperature; and the free supply of toilet paper towels, the convenience of the public toilet…… In order to facilitate the public to find public toilets in Bishan, the relevant departments have developed specialized software to find public toilets. The standard of public toilets Bishan not only welcomed by the public, has also attracted the attention of cctv. In April this year, CCTV CCTV-4 "traveled China" column has produced a "toilet revolution" fast, from public toilets standardization management, guide toilet electronic platform building as standard interpretation of Bishan public toilets in the building of the useful experience.相关的主题文章: