Waterseer can be used in the water to ease water shortage in drinking water 下北glory days

WaterSeer can alleviate the problem of drinking water in the air in the water shortage region at present the global population of 2 billion 200 million can not solve the drinking water problem, according to statistics every 1.5 minutes a child died for lack of water, ensure clean drinking water resources has become urgent to solve the problems of the world. Indiegogo recently appeared in a water shortage area can solve the drinking water problem of the project, called WaterSeer, the solution is extracted from drinking water from the air, the congregation to raise the price of approximately $134, interested friends can take a look. This project comes from the University of California at Berkeley, WaterSeer can extract 37 liters of water per day in the air, is similar to the equipment of ten times, enough to supply a small group of daily drinking water. From the beginning of April, developers have been at the University of California at Boric GillTrace community farm test, test result is quite good, the highest available daily 41 liters of water, the effect will be better if in humid areas. The core technology of WaterSeer is its advanced cooling system, which can keep running for a long time, and it is suitable for the areas where the groundwater is seriously lacking or polluted. Compared with other water equipment, WaterSeer maintenance is simple and low cost, as long as the ordinary people can be a simple maintenance training.相关的主题文章: