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Chinese intelligent mobile phone market sales ranked HUAWEI third last, who is the first Sohu technology Texun November 11th news: recent market research agency IHS released the third quarter of the domestic mobile phone sales charts, let’s see what changes took place in the third quarter of this year the domestic mobile phone market. TOP5: Apple sales: 11 million apple to the top 11 million sales in the top fifth, after the release of iPhone, which is not a very good performance in the. But it is worth noting that due to the many problems of pre iPhone 7 production capacity, coupled with the fourth quarter of eleven, Double Twelve Shopping Festival, apple is expected to counter attack. TOP4:: 12 million units millet millet sales this year is in transition, although a variety of bursts of high-end products, such as millet, millet and millet 5S Note2 MIX, but shipments of major or rely on a series of red rice. TOP3: HUAWEI sales: 18 million sets of HUAWEI’s dual brand strategy, HUAWEI, the flagship high-end line, and the glory of the main Internet and the price, this is the first HUAWEI in the two quarter for the first time on third. TOP2:vivo sales: 19 million sets of vivo with X7 has become a hot line second, total sales of more than 1 million Taiwan than HUAWEI, vivo will also release a new machine recently. TOP1:OPPO sales: 22 million OPPO to 22 million of sales up four brands, with OPPO R9’s hot, OPPO this year to create amazing results. At the same time under the line of solid lines, OPPO is also trying to develop online channels, R9s new release is also expected to stimulate sales again to promote. [source: Tencent] [] commissioning editor: Dong Jingsheng相关的主题文章: