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The small SUV listed in the order of ten thousand yuan in addition to the value of what is the secret of mystery – Sohu automobile in November 18th, the fourteenth Guangzhou (International) auto show officially kicked off. Southeast (Fujian) Automotive Industry Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: "jump to the southeast car) to see the wonderful" as the theme, by the DX brothers models DX3, DX7 led the all star team and Italy Pininfarina design director of the stage together, the full development of product strategy under 3. The general manager has Xincheng southeast auto generation, DX3 listed from November 1st to date, the current orders had been broken, as the southeast car into the small SUV market to win the perfect start, and set off a wave of "Yan power" in the country. DX3 won the first battle, the brothers models DX7 continues to maintain good market performance, in September and October for the two consecutive month break million orders, continued success. Today, DX7 has successfully entered the mainstream of the compact SUV market queue, and effectively promote the overall system of southeast automotive power and brand strength, showing the change and the gradual rise of the Southeast car. Xincheng had said in an interview, marking the southeast car is a bird, wings have been opened. "When the two products can be reached when tens of thousands of Taiwan, Southeast in the current market temporarily foothold, compared to previous years we have changed a lot, so we are positioning for us a leap year, I hope we can fly higher and faster." What did DX3 do? In just half a month’s time, 6.79-9.99 million DX3 orders over 10000, which is not in the history of Southeast automobile. Xincheng once said, DX3 marketing positioning of the entire product is very successful, including the southeast of marketing practices. We had to let DX3 and DX7 aimed at the customer base can be clearly separated. We put it very successful, so when DX3 listed in Beijing, we are particularly looking for a dating dating website together held a press conference in addition to the media friends to open up a fresh outlook, there are 700 local in intimate activities of young people." The publicity also meets the young people want to understand something, so from the beginning of November 1st our entire propaganda heat basically did not drop down, in November 1st after the listing of the first sustained attention, whether it is in the car home, or Baidu search index are ranked first, daily order volume is also very good, this is a a great encouragement for us, that is to say our positioning success. At the same time selling hot DX3, DX7 also has nearly three hundred or four hundred orders a day, did not say that because the DX3 sell good DX7 down, reaching our expectations." DX7& DX3 booth led the whole product lineup powerful attack at the auto show, one screen interactive technology with advanced automobile, through the wonderful magic show, to a more vibrant, innovative, all-round display of DX3 and DX7, to bring a full sense of science and technology show for the audience, officially opened the southeast car booth wonderful prelude. This is DX3 in the upper.相关的主题文章: