Haoran day financial investment strategy Yellen an OPEC production sing the same old song 音羽かなで

Haoran: finance investment strategy Yellen reached a limiting OPEC sing the same old song clients view the latest market news Wednesday in the foreign exchange market have some new changes, an informal meeting of OPEC production agreement contrary to market expectations. Fed chairman Yellen’s speech did not sing the same old song what idea, however, the market interest rate the degree of concern has been heating up. Affected by this, the foreign exchange market, precious metals market volatility is relatively stable, the crude oil market affected by the news side, rose. The foreign exchange market for each currency zhangdiehuxian, not out of synchronization is reflected in the market, the dollar index closed Wednesday and Tuesday, almost completely flat. Dollar index closed at 95.42, down by 0.02%, amplitude of 0.37%. The market is still a continuation of the pattern of sideways, such a sideways trend since last week has continued to the present, now no signs of a breakthrough trend. Currency, the euro dollar shock go flat, average 5 days began to go flat, the pound against the dollar fluctuations around the average 5 days, average 5 days began to go flat. The Australian dollar continues to run along the 5 day moving average, short-term daily rising trend continues, but overall is still rangebound daily, will face the highest point in September 8th, is expected to have a greater pressure in the above 0.77. U.S. dollar against the yen after a continuous decline, began to rebound slightly, rebounded to the top of the 5 day average line, and led to the beginning of the 5 day moving average. Dollar fell sharply, but the decline is not under the state and trend of decline, fell sideways, do not have the technical state of unilateral, also does not have any breakthrough. Gold and silver, out of the technical state of the same, that is to remain rangebound daily level of gold, the shock interval is around 1320 for $40 shock. Silver is going up and down around $19. From the current point of view, do not see any signs of a breakthrough, the operation should be carried out to shock ideas, with a small cycle to determine the transaction. Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen delivered an important speech at the U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearing yesterday. Yellen said that the Fed did not raise interest rates fixed timetable. However, she hinted that if the unemployment rate continues to decline, the economy continued to grow steadily, will increase interest rates at the end of the year. Yellen said, many of my colleagues said in their most recent forecast, if everything goes according to current trends, not what significant new risks appear, they think this year to raise interest rates to take action is appropriate. The rate of employment growth is higher than the level of sustainable development. There is no upward pressure on inflation. If jobs continue to be at the present rate, the U.S. economy will eventually overheat. If this happens, then the Fed may be forced to accelerate the benchmark interest rate. US Republican presidential candidate Trump in this week’s presidential election the first debate on shelling Yellen. He said that the Fed did not do their best to make decisions about political factors, lack of independence. Delayed interest rate hike has led to a huge bubble in the stock market. Yellen has been reluctant to raise interest rates, in order to boil down to Obama. By the time he left the White House, the federal reserve.相关的主题文章: