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What is the green orange "frost"? Is it a mold? Sohu and orange Xiaoqing because of its unique flavor and fresh fruit by many tea lovers favorite, and the recent South Ming beauty just listing to a green orange, have tea in the WeChat personal number: ask Xiaoqing orange on things like hoar frost, is not moldy? This period of Dong tea? That is to explain in detail the Xiaoqing orange of white frost on what is going on. First, the "frost" green orange is moldy? The "frost" orange green white powder, such as a finger gently rubbing you will feel dry, but slightly gritty. When there is a taste of sweetness, smell of spicy orange Xiaoqing under the microscope, the white crystal. And if it is produced by mold mold white, feels feels slippery and no texture, smell will smell, it is more obvious under the microscope is mildew fungus community rather than the "white crystal frost". So the Xiaoqing orange "frost" is certainly not mildew. In the new orange on Xiaoqing "frost" professional name for "brain grain" or "orange oil crystal", is a kind of human body material. Two, the frost (orange orange green oil crystal) is formed? The "orange orange green oil crystal" also belong to "fruit, persimmon, fruit and cream" on "fruit cream" mechanism is also more similar. The difference is that the "persimmon, candied fruit cream" is because of the high sugar content of fruit in sugar with pulp water evaporation and precipitation to the fruit surface. Have the sugar with the orange green precipitate to form orange oil crystal". Red orange and higher sugar content, but fruit oil content as well as green orange is so rich, so rarely appear "orange oil crystal". Formed by the above orange orange oil crystal Xiaoqing "actually need to meet two conditions: 1, only fruit oil content rich, high quality green Xinhui orange, can form the" orange oil crystal ", so" orange oil crystal "can be used as an evaluation of the quality of the green orange a evidence. Such as South Beauty Tea (public No. ID:nmjrtea) "orange oil crystal" was able to Xiaoqing orange because of its authentic, the core region of Xinhui Citrus Fruit oil content rich and high quality green orange made. 2, only the sun or the low temperature baking process of citrus will appear Xiaoqing "Mandarin oil crystal", because in the low temperature baking and sun Xiaoqing citrus oil capsule is not easy to be destroyed and blocked, would form a "orange oil crystal", while the high temperature baking way will make the orange oil sac destroyed Xiaoqing difficult to form a "citrus oil crystal", and can make vitamin C in orange peel and other active beneficial substances were destroyed, the post storage value decreased. Three, the frost (orange orange green oil crystal) what effect is there? The Xiaoqing orange "frost" is the main carbohydrate, here will have tea wondering "frost" sweet taste is light don’t feel like sugar. Here is tea a little knowledge of science, sugar is a kind of complex material can be divided into monosaccharides, two sugars, polysaccharides, polysaccharide is basically no sweet, sweet and two monosaccharide sugar also relatively weak, high purity glucose the sweetness of very light, even most people)相关的主题文章: