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Shaanxi County murder suspect: extend the drunk after 3 home attack – Sohu news November 17th night, the scene of the deceased brother Cao Mouhai is only the window light is still on the past two days, on one of the home is still a sea Cao cordon off. Cao big brother Cao Moujie (right) cover news reporter Liang Bo Shaanxi extended photography reported around 6 p.m. on November 16th, Shaanxi County, a vicious criminal case. According to the extension of the county Propaganda Department informed that the case has caused 4 deaths and 5 people were injured. Which one of the deceased, Yanchang County seven village street Cao Qu village leader Cao Mouhai, the rest of the victims were in a sea of Cao family. The early morning of November 18th, cover news (thecover) reporter from the county Propaganda Department official website to extend the "extended network publicity culture" was informed that the suspect named black one flat, the Department is located in the village of seven street office Cao Qu village. By the local police investigation found that a black flat in Cao Qu motive was due to land compensation and national forest compensation fund allocation, that it was unfair treatment. According to reports, the police received a report at 18:16 on November 16th. Extension of the County Public Security Bureau 110 command center received the alarm, said seven village street Cao Qu someone was stabbed. Police rushed to the scene of the moment, will be arrested on the spot a black. A person committing three crimes scene by the police investigation, the criminal case there are three crime scene. 16, 15 pm, in the village of Ho Bao family banquet, a flat black with the village team leader Cao Mouhai altercation. Each home after 18 PM, a black flat to carry a knife into Cao Mouhai home, the unsuspecting a sea Cao Mouhai and Cao’s wife, daughter-in-law and grandson stabbed. After going to the village director Cao Mouhua to continue the attack. In riding a three wheeled motorcycle ride to Cao Mouhua’s house on the way through the five ye Cao Mouming home, stabbed at the door of the injured, Cao Mouming, Cao Mouhai. Cao Mouhua arrived at the home of a black, Cao Mouhua is not at home. A black flat and a sea to the Cao eldest brother Cao Moujie, with a knife to Cao Moujie’s wife, daughter, grandson, uncle stabbed. As of now, the case has caused 4 deaths (3 people died on the day of the incident, 1 people in 17 as early as 6 pm at the Yanan University Affiliated Hospital died), 5 people were injured, 2 of them seriously, in Yanan University Affiliated Hospital for treatment; 3 of them lighter, accept the treatment at the county hospital, stable vital signs. The case of a person who committed a crime, has been under criminal detention. Compensation for the allocation of land compensation that November 17th evening, the extension of the County Public Security Bureau informed the crime of a black flat motive. After investigation, a black plain seven village street before Guo Jiahe, 2013 to take care of the grandmother (by grandma Cao Qu villagers) the account moved to Cao Qu. In March 23, 2016, Cao Qu villagers held a group meeting, discussion about national forest compensation fund allocation issue, will establish a compensation fund for National Forest cash distribution plan, decided to carry out the distribution according to the existing population of Cao Qu. Due to a black flat in June 28, 2013 moved.相关的主题文章: