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[14] Rachel reading diary "the police will walk the small deformation of the snowman" – Sohu [] reading classic books on child, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to the classic picture book reading, search (jingdianhuibenyuedu), attention! Rachel [14] reading diary "deformation · I will protect the police Polly; my own", before going to the library building named to the book. Children safe travel self-help books, away from the traffic accident. A total of 5 copies, phonetic reading, reading last night walking "snowman", because love is love car, with the car all the books related to: Mom alone) to facilitate the exchange of personal micro signal: ruiruimm123 oh! The picture book appreciation (excerpt) (end) five year old boy’s mother, to recommend good books for the entrance, pay attention to the parent-child reading, parenting, marriage and family. 1, the number of public concern WeChat (the classic picture book reading: jingdianhuibenyuedu), the preferred reading parenting articles, listen to a children’s story of audio, free download massive parenting resources; 2, the number of public concern WeChat (Rui Ma picture: ruimahuiben), Ma Rui original article, Ruirui reading diary every day update. 3, contact the Swiss mother (1) ruiruimm123 (2): WeChat personal QQ: Rui mother parent-child reading group 177765168 (3) WeChat group swiss mother reading two-dimensional code: please give the public number " the classic picture book reading " reply "WeChat group" three words, you can receive a two-dimensional code scanning group, mobile phone application. Group. (4) Himalaya radio: Rui mother parenting Channel – a variety of children’s information free download listen, welcome attention! Massive free resources include: the smarties picture book, Carmela, peppa pig, rat boy, good lovely child’s life, parents decided to tiger, the magic school bus, idioms, Dora, journey to the West and the Green fairy tales, Baba dad, Bobby bear and Liao Caixing books and e-books, books and e-books, Wang Pei? The world classic books Cui Yutao Disney video, e-books, parenting, English, Magic English LEGO Dr. Seuss, little Newton, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Zheng Yuqiao parenting, mice, not Thomas, Bobo, surnames, brother cuckoo, filial piety, Confucius, QianZiWen, three character classic, Masuhiro Xian, five thousand years of history, Harry, Potter, Gong Chinese characters on some chanting, foreign celebrity stories, children’s literature, Sean, and lamb joy learn oral English, new concept English, learning and thinking And think of Cambridge children English, Wu sister tell historical stories, Lego play and drawings Daquan, Christmas songs and movies, Wee Sing, Tsinghua children’s English, frozen picture books, New Oriental Cambridge children English, train baby, BBC security education cartoons…… Massive parenting video, audio and e-books. Please pay attention to the public, WeChat (classic picture book reading: jingdianhu!相关的主题文章: