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Electric cars are environmentally friendly? German media: Oh, in the automotive industry, the electric car is always accompanied by propaganda "zero emissions, no pollution" slogan. But is this really the case? Recently, according to Deutsche Welle website quoted the "Daily Mirror" reported that the truth is not so. Although the electric car does not emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and other pollutants, but in the manufacture of electric vehicles required amount of metal and electric power required, is often accompanied by increased pollution and environmental destruction. The most important part of the electric car, the battery is more so. In batteries, used in the production of Chinese batteries are mostly Chinese local production, the production of these batteries will produce great damage to the China area environment, to protect the global climate is also very unfavorable. It is important to know that a lot of rare earth metals are needed in the production of electric vehicles, and the mining and smelting of these metals will cause great damage to the local environment. For example, a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions are released into the atmosphere when smelting metals. Accordingly, according to scientists, the carbon dioxide produced will make electric cars more than conventional cars, and the metal material the most important reason is the production of electric vehicle batteries, thus it will cause great pollution to the China area. Electric vehicles will be scrapped after the end of life, and in this process for a lot of scrap metal recycling is not correct if not done will also have a significant impact on the environment, such as battery recycling. There are a lot of people think, according to this situation, we change is just the way of pollution, but still not reduce the degree of pollution, may also exacerbate pollution.相关的主题文章: