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[home] get back the lost rhyme smell — small Suihua cake – and remember in my Sohu in rural areas, when a long row of the team a small cake hot baked a delicious cake, small to buy simple is a very happy thing, now can not find the taste, can only do their own home, a little make creative can also be very beautiful Oh, the surface of the small Suihua like Mocha Lahua, set in a mini cute and delicious it is chowhound love. Materials: 3 egg flour 50 grams of sugar 45 grams of milk 30 grams of salad oil 30 grams of dark chocolate appropriate practices: 1, protein and egg yolk separation, egg yolk and 15 grams of sugar 2, emulsifying stirring to add milk, salad oil, stir 3 add flour and mix to sieve. Smooth powder 4, protein three to 30 grams of fine sugar until stiff, sent 5 good protein three times by adding egg yolk paste in 6, mix the batter into the disposable pastry bag, then squeeze the cup 8 points over 7, chocolate melted into hot water with a pastry bag and then draw the line on the cake surface, and then the toothpick to draw a circle, draw a small Suihua 8, advance into the middle of preheated oven, on the fire of 150 degrees, bake for 25 minutes.相关的主题文章: