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10 domestic routes in the nature of Madden off-road driving! Lead: drive your beloved SUV to the following route, a passionate off-road driving pleasure, let that disperse your heart of the haze. (source: interface network Author: Donkey) the number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! 1 through the old Zhang Gou’s Paradise: the primary route: Beijing – Badaling highway — Badaling — Xuanhua — 112 — old Tun Road — Chicheng — old Zhang Gou Beijing old palm gully in the cross-country circle of visibility is not small, there are scenic spots and sparsely populated, but has not yet developed pure natural beauty. The old palm gully landforms is abundant, the original beautiful scenery, surrounded by green hills, white birch weeds all over. In addition to car off-road, also can have a picnic barbecue. When the night falls, the warm fire, in a clean and quiet environment, watching the stars chat. The cross-country road: about 180 kilometers of asphalt road, the main road is the barrier and cobblestone road. Tip: due to the high altitude temperature difference between day and night, so to prepare sufficient cross-country clothing. The line passes through the gravel road, River Valley Road, poor road conditions, do not recommend low chassis cars to drive. 2 through the Hunshandak: is there any water in the desert route: Beijing – Zhangjiakou – Inner Mongolia No. three toll station — Zhengxiangbaiqi — Hunshandake Desert — cloth day — Wulanchabu Zhen – Zhen – Ming Antu sangiin up Levin toll station — zhengxianglanqi — Toronto — Fengning Inner Mongolia is located in the middle of Xilinguole grassland at the Southern end of the Otindag Sandy Land, is one of the ten largest desert in China, from Beijing, a distance of 180 kilometers. Hunshandake sandy land is mostly fixed or semi fixed dunes, China is a famous water desert. Hunshandake desert scenery, "the South", "desert garden". The 3 through the twenty-four turn on the road: This is the memory of the history of a twenty-four bend of the road, is located in the southern suburbs of Guizhou Province, Qinglong county 1 kilometers. This is a war of resistance against Japan, made an indelible contribution to the overall victory of the war of resistance against japan. The foot of the mountain to the top of the straight-line distance of about 350 meters, the vertical height of about 260 meters, the slope angle of about 60 degrees, about 4 km. Twenty-four turn is ideal for mountain road car climbing competition. Steep bend frequency urgent, resulting in a "one man opens" momentum. At the top of the mountain overlooking the distant mountains, mist, and round of great momentum. From the foot to look upward, the bend like a white dragon Panshan, give people the feeling of relaxed and happy. Twenty-four bends down, as if the Snake Mountain, thrilling. Driving in Qinglong twenty-four abduction, gallop highway, is the memory of history. 4 through the small Xingan mountain: wandering in the green sea route: Yichun city Yichun District — Xinqing District — Tangwanghe — Jiayin County — Heihe City Aihui District new — Heihe City Xunke County — Heihe City Oroqen Township — Tahe — Mohe County this line)相关的主题文章: