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Flexible MPV for S50 analysis of Changan Rui – Sohu automobile Sohu [car] with the car now map community demand changes, the major manufacturers of SUV and MPV in the market attention today, MPV competition will become increasingly fierce. Changan as a veteran of the first generation of slightly off the first few years behind the trend, but in recent years, with the improvement of its products have a lot of improvement. S50 is Changan Rui new models for individual and private property owners and the general population more home users launch, so the models in power, after the suspension, the car seat layout are made to choose more flexible products, so that consumers are able to find the most suitable for their own demand models. Let us take a look at the core line of S50 what is not the same place: the appearance of a new model take on an altogether new aspect since it is the appearance of new products is of course, compared to slightly off Changan before the series is really great progress, the overall coordination of the design is simple but beautiful, smooth and clean lines. Body size reached 4600*1770*1855mm. The multi scroll grille, chrome bright decorative display business temperament, headlamps with integrated LED daytime running lights large, collocation of air inlet grille is more atmosphere. Before the use of the former short suspension design. Body side line design full, by strengthening the lower part of the door, making the body of the higher S50 does not seem monotonous. Side of the line so that the overall strength and sense of three-dimensional. The design is relatively simple compared to the competitors appear to be more than the founder, the rear door wide convenient cargo needs. Rui line S50 in the rear bumper equipped with three reversing radar, for such a large size MPV, this feature is very useful. Real models and the configuration of the image after reversing. Rui S50 using dual color Aluminum Alloy rim, compared to the same level models, its wider tires also enhance the sense of quality. The tires are used for the lion brand, the specification is 20560 R16. Of front and rear disc brakes configuration is S50 kind of rui. The appearance of color selective color appearance, S50 core line of Pearl White, amber brown, blue sky, dazzling red and blue sky, five kinds of body color, and the color is white pearl was first applied in Changan light car. The interior design of sky blue dazzling red pearl white interior car design Changan Rui S50 simple and generous, multi-level family in the control, gear and control. The shooting model is equipped with a 7 inch color touch screen, a large screen size of 10 inches, the models listed will be in the future, and the INCALL system is the first time in Changan’s commercial vehicle models. INCALL system using three spoke steering wheel with a round design, the size of the medium feel comfortable, and equipped with a multi-function button on both sides, although the integration function is not much but easy to operate. Metal decoration on the steering wheel, more texture. The line of S50 ‘s seat features a two – color leather stitching package, which is currently a popular seat color matching seat. Line S50 max.相关的主题文章: