Nearly one million people in South Korea to participate in anti Park demonstrations a record 特命战队go busters

South Korea nearly a million people to participate in the anti   demonstration park; the scale of record – International – November 12 Seoul Xinhua (chengshuo) November 12th, hundreds of thousands of South Korean people held a demonstration in downtown Seoul, demanding that President Park Geun hye intervention events on the confidant responsible and resign. Organizers said the day a total of about 850 thousand people participated in the demonstrations, the police estimated to be 250 thousand. This is the "Cui Shunshi" is the third large-scale demonstrations exposed, since 2000 is the largest outbreak of the Korean people rally. 4 pm the same day, a large number of South Korean people gathered in downtown Seoul, Seoul Gwanghwamun square, hand written "impeachment of Park Geun hye" and "arrest Cui Shunshi" and other banners, shouting "down with Pu Jinhui", expressed strong dissatisfaction with the President Park Geun hye. Seoul mayor Pu Yuanchun and South Korea’s three largest opposition party – the Democratic Party, the National Party, the party’s leadership in the Justice Party have participated in this demonstration. Police sent a total of about 25 thousand police to maintain order at the scene, in order to prevent riots. At 5:15 PM, protesters marched into five road, traveling to Chong Wa Dae along sejongno, euljiro, Chongdong road and other routes. Police in Chong Wa Dae 1 kilometers before the police surrounded the wall to prevent the influx of demonstrators into the presidential palace. The parade took Gwanghwamun surrounding all motorized vehicles, is the first time since 1945. After the parade, in the evening of 7 protesters gathered in front of the new light, lit up a candle and held a candlelight vigil. The rally is expected to continue until the next morning. Korean media said, the demonstration will become an important watershed in the current situation, meeting the size and influence or determine cronies intervention into the situation ". Share to: (Gao Tian Tian (Intern), commissioning editor: Xiao Hong)相关的主题文章: