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A small village was removed 6 students cannot apply principal: because too few students – public channel this fall, the eight hole small village 6 students remaining. The school will be informed, students and parents to walk away. August 31st to 8, 11 year old Zou Jiarui in grandma’s company, came to Sichuan city of Meishan province renshoucounty Zhang Jia Zhen eight Dong Cun small entry, ready to start learning the fifth grade. Surprisingly, he was told that the eight hole village small to withdraw. "Will you read tomorrow?" Zou Jiarui looked blank, the teacher did not answer. Morning 12 points, still did not complete the registration, not received the book of Zou Jiarui, in her company, walk away. Zhang Jia Zhen Central Primary School Principal Chen Zhen said, because too few students, will be ready in eight hole village removed. However, the reporter learned from Renshou County Education Bureau, the county did not plan to withdraw from school. In accordance with the spirit of the Ministry of education, not only will not withdraw, the conditions will be gradually restored." Get up at 6 to report the teacher said a small village not to do Zou Jiarui is one of the 6 students in the eight hole village only, will be attending the fifth grade. Currently, the eight hole primary school only this grade, the school is only left over 3 teachers. At 6 o’clock in the morning, Zou Jiarui got up. After breakfast, she went to the school with her grandmother. Half an hour, the little guy go laughing. "New book is very happy, like reading Chinese books." Look forward the Chinese book of Zou Jiarui, was dumbfounded at the time of registration. The teacher told him that the new book did not come down, the school does not do. "3 teachers to Zhang Jia primary school, 6 students to the nearest school." Grandma Wu Cunlan is dumbfounded. From their nearest school is eight hole village, if the grandson to Zhang Jia primary school to go to school, about two hours walk. Wu Cunlan asked in Zhang Jia Street rental price: one year to two thousand or three thousand. "Our family is low, the son of working outside, a month to send 300 yuan back to where the money to rent a house." Reporters learned that the school 6 students, mostly left behind children, usually by the grandparents shuttle, home in the vicinity of a small hole in the village of eight. "To Zhang Jia Zhen bus, but only a number does not have, even, to go to school, to more than 2 hours to walk." 71 year old villager Wu Qingwen said, "we are opposed to take this school, but still said to withdraw." Two days before the notice of school teachers also feel very suddenly, Liu Feng (a pseudonym) is one of the 3 teachers in school only been working here for 20 years. "The primary school has a history of several decades, the last century in 90s the most students, there are more than 1 thousand people." In September 1st last year, according to the requirements, the school put away the 5 grade and 2 grade. "There were 4 grades and 28 students. Removed after only 2 grade 15 students." Liu Feng said that in June this year, after graduating from grade 6, the school is only a grade, a total of 6 students. "Had not received notice of the meeting in August 30th 2 in the afternoon, Chen Zhen said to withdraw the principal, 3 teachers in schools to teach primary school Zhang jia." Liu Feng said, because the incident suddenly, I do not have any preparation. Where the town was not found. network相关的主题文章: