Thrilling! Nanyang truck brakes, windshield was exposed to steel pipe

Thrilling! Nanyang, a truck brake pipe through the windshield was a breathtaking scene scene photo reporter Xu Lei newspaper news (reporter Xu Lei correspondent Zhu Xu) is a large truck ran fast, suddenly found in front of the light turned red, a car braking result contained in steel slide broke the front office, and the front windshield. Yesterday morning, this thrilling scene occurred Yingbin Avenue and the Yellow River Road intersection in the city, in the passenger seat of the people not in time to avoid a disaster. On the same day at 10:10 in the morning, a red semi-trailer along Yingbin road traveling from east to west to the intersection of the Yellow River Road, saw the red light at the junction, the driver brakes, two steel pipes inside the illegal loading due to inertia effect from the front sliding to the car, the vehicle at this time is not completely stopped falling in front of the one pipe in turn. The front windshield broken line passenger seat. The special police brigade of the traffic management detachment, who was on duty at that time, witnessed the accident and was in a cold sweat. They immediately came forward to check, found that the truck belongs to the brake caused by its own accident. The sudden accident frightened the driver, but the passenger seat occupant dodge timely, to avoid a disaster. After the police criticized the driver, they helped to take out the steel pipe and load it again according to the regulations. The 2 (Nanyang Evening News) today: Zhengzhou thermal siblings abandoned underground cold shivering today hot smell: 90 girls beauty a beauty needle right eye blindness risk net exposure in Shangqiu only two female college students dormitory were exposed Zhengzhou Longhai Road brawl truth Zijingshan road large crane operation site serious congestion Henan billionaire murder 16 years after the acquisition of new DNA card man in the treatment of heart is not happy at the nurse beaten hair

惊险!南阳一货车急刹车 挡风玻璃被钢管戳穿现场惊险一幕 本报记者 徐 蕾 摄本报讯(记者徐 蕾 通讯员朱旭)大货车跑得正快,突然发现前面信号灯变红,一个急刹车导致车厢内所载钢管滑落车头处,并戳破了前挡风玻璃。昨天上午,这惊险的一幕发生在城区迎宾大道与黄河路交叉口处,好在副驾驶座上的人躲避及时,未酿成惨祸。当天上午10时10分,一辆红色半挂车沿迎宾大道自东向西行驶至黄河路交叉口时,遇见路口红灯,司机紧急刹车,车厢内违规装载的两根钢管因惯性作用从车头处滑落到车前,车辆此时没有完全停住,掉落车前的其中一根钢管反过来又戳破前挡风玻璃直插副驾驶座位。当时正在值勤的交通管理支队特勤大队民警亲眼目睹这一事故,也惊出一身冷汗。他们立即上前查看,发现货车属于急刹车造成的自身事故。突如其来的意外把司机吓坏了,所幸副驾驶座位上的乘车人躲闪及时,避免了一场惨祸。民警对司机进行批评教育后又帮忙把钢管取出,重新按规定装载好。④2(南阳晚报)今日热图:郑州小兄妹被遗弃地下通道 寒风中瑟瑟发抖今日热闻:90后女孩爱美打个美容针 不料右眼险失明网曝商丘两名女大学生宿舍内被群殴 真相曝光郑州紫荆山路陇海路大吊车作业 现场严重拥堵河南亿万富翁杀人疑案 16年后DNA获取新证男子在救治时心中不痛快 扯女护士头发殴打相关的主题文章: