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Next to the more than 300 needle swallowed 2106 pill worth, Vivian Hsu also want to have [Abstract] was the most let her frustration, even is the use of urine, "I pee on the bed, I have used 2 kinds of urine, the first two nurses with a family watching me, but I was in urine no, not to will spread on the bed." The birth of small treasure V process although hard, but Vivian Hsu feel super worth Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported on September 14th, Vivian Hsu attended the 14 book, "my life I planted: from girls 14 to 40 women, steel V brave notes" press conference, also let the small treasure "Dalton" with V adorable baby mother appearance. Steal the lens! Xu Ruoxuan too love children, love the big scene bursting, from time to time softly exhort, teasing V treasure, because she had got pregnant 300 needle, swallow 2106 pills, but the "iron V" was also talk: "I want to have a second child regeneration!" Let everyone be surprised! Vivian Hsu was lying in bed for 162 days with Dalton, until she gave birth to a baby, she swallowed about 2106 pills, more than 300 needles, the process of suffering too much. But at the press conference, she said, "because I love kids," I want to have a second child!" Everyone exclaimed her decision, she immediately said: "but the husband was shooting, too hard, and our family has 3 children!" But Vivian Hsu laughed and said, "the baby is really cute, and I don’t think it’s torture to have a baby again.". She talked about the hard work in bed, and a part of it wasn’t written into the book. "I sometimes sneak into the night, and my sister later said they heard it."." The most let her frustration, even is the use of urine, "I pee on the bed, I have used 2 kinds of urine, the first two nurses with a family watching me, but I have to pee on, will not be allowed to sprinkle on the bed, feel very feel how I feel shy so no ability!" Reveal oneself to anger to cry. But later she can be free to use, "then" can write and draw freely as one wishes "!" She laughed and said, "Oh dear!"! Don’t say that again! There’s an imaginary picture, and my dignity is gone!" Forthright character makes one vote media laugh. (Tencent entertainment)

挨了300多针吞了2106颗药都值得,徐若瑄还想生  [摘要]当时最让她挫败的,竟然是使用尿桶,“我在床上小便,2种尿桶我都有用过,第一次有两个护士跟一个家人在旁边看着我,但是我却尿不出来,对不准就会洒在床上。”  生下小V宝过程尽管辛苦,徐若瑄却觉得超值得  腾讯娱乐讯 据台湾媒体《东森新闻》9月14日报道,徐若瑄14日出席新书《我的倒头栽人生:从女孩14到女人40,钢铁V的勇敢笔记》记者会,还让小V宝“Dalton” 一同亮相.萌娃抢尽妈妈镜头!徐若瑄太爱小孩,现场母爱大爆棚,不时轻声叮咛、逗弄V宝,她曾因为怀孕挨了300多针、吞下2106颗药,但“钢铁V”竟然还脱口:“我想要再生第二胎!”让众人超惊讶!  徐若瑄怀Dalton时卧床162天,直到生完小孩她共吞了约2106颗药,挨300多针,过程磨难超多。但记者会上她表示因为太喜欢小孩,“我想要再生第二胎!”众人惊呼她的决定,她马上说:“但是被老公打枪了,太辛苦了,而且我们家已经有3个小孩啦!”但徐若瑄笑说,小孩真的很可爱,不觉得为生孩子再苦一次很折磨。  她谈及卧床时的辛苦有一部份没写进书里,“我有时候晚上会偷偷啜泣,我姐姐后来才说她们其实有听到。”当时最让她挫败的,竟然是使用尿桶,“我在床上小便,2种尿桶我都有用过,第一次有两个护士跟一个家人在旁边看着我,但是我却尿不出来,对不准就会洒在床上,觉得很不好意思也觉得我怎么会这么没有能力!”透露被自己气到哭。  但好在她后来可以自由运用,“后来就可以“挥洒自如”了!”她笑着说完,接着大叫:“哎呀!不要再说了!会有想像画面,我的尊严都没了!”率真性格让一票媒体笑翻。(腾讯娱乐)相关的主题文章: