India tourism minister warns female tourists don’t wear skirts if you want to be safe 科拉丝塔萨

India tourism minister warned: female tourists want to peace don’t wear short skirts U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 30 days look, the world distance to stop women issued dress code is far. Quartz reported on the "bouquigny" (burkini) swimsuit debate just unfolding on the occasion, the India government has issued a more exciting news to foreign tourists to be struck dumb, — should dress well in India, to ensure personal safety. In August 28th, Mahesh Sharma, the Minister of tourism and culture of India, made a detailed list of what foreign tourists should do and what not to do in. The minister is located in the northern city of India, the Taj Mahal in Agra said in a speech: "(list) in a clear instruction, if they are in a small city, is not a person to go out at night, don’t wear skirts." Over the years, India continues to have a variety of shocking cases, sexual harassment, attacks, and even rape, so that the country has been overshadowed by women, especially foreign tourists, and the minister’s statement is obviously a response to this situation. This is India’s social ills but the minister and quickly said, he was not to command what to wear and women don’t wear what, just advised them to go out at night to be careful, be careful to visit temples and other religious sites. A day later, he stressed again that he had no intention to issue a dress ban on anyone. However, in Agra speech, Sharma insisted that there is a huge difference between India culture and Western culture, and this difference makes the "save cloth" clothing became an inadequate choice. In a word, his position has been a preferential treatment for foreign tourists. Last year, Sharma once declared that India women should not go out at night, and he said in September: "girls go out at night, in other places may not be a problem, but this is not part of the culture of India."." In October, an old man because eating beef and killed by a mob in Uttar Pradesh, Sharma also tried to wash for these people, emphasizing the mob very "restraint" and no harm to the seventeen year old daughter. Of course, this is not only the Sharma, a lot of people in the world have said that women have been infringed because wear tight enough words, but India have happened in the past many attacks and rapes have at least, let alone the pot is not back skirt. (Zi Jin) editor in chief: Feng Dewei

印度旅游部长警告女游客:想平安就别穿短裙 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股北京时间30日讯 看起来,这个世界距离停止向女性颁布着装规范还远得很。   Quartz报道称,关于“布基尼”(burkini)泳装的辩论方兴未艾之际,印度政府却发布了一条更加令人瞠目结舌的消息,正告外国游客――在印度应该着装得体,以确保个人安全。   8月28日,印度旅游和文化部长沙玛(Mahesh Sharma)列出了一份详细的清单,要告诉外国游客该做什么和不该做什么。部长先生在印度北部城市、泰姬陵所在地阿格拉发表讲话称:“(清单)中有明确的指令,如果他们是在小城市,就不要一个人在夜间外出,也不要穿短裙。”   多年来,印度持续发生各种令人震惊的案件,性骚扰、攻击,甚至强奸等,使得国家蒙上了对女性,尤其是外国游客不安全的名声,沙玛部长的表态显然是对这种局面的反应。 这已经是印度社会的痼疾   不过,这位部长又飞快地改口说,自己并不是要命令女性穿什么和不穿什么,只是建议她们晚上外出时要小心,拜访寺庙和其他宗教场所时要谨慎。一天后,他接受采访时再度强调,自己无意对任何人颁布服装禁令。   可是,在阿格拉的讲话中,沙玛却坚持说,印度文化和西方文化之间有着巨大的差异,而这差异就使得“节省布料的”服装变成了一个不适当的选择。   说起来,他这样的表态已经算是对外国游客有所优待了。去年,沙玛曾经宣称,印度女性就不应该在夜间外出,他9月间曾说:“女孩儿在晚上外出,在其他地方或许没问题,但这不是印度文化的一部分。”   10月间,一位老人因为吃牛肉而在北方邦被一群暴徒杀害时,沙玛还曾经试图为这些人洗地,强调暴徒们很“克制”,并没有伤害老人十七岁的女儿。   当然,不单单是沙玛,这世界上很多人都说过女性被侵害是因为穿得不够严实的话,但是,印度过去曾经发生过的诸多攻击和强奸案件至少已经说明,单单让短裙背锅是说不通的。(子衿) 责任编辑:冯德炜相关的主题文章: