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50 sets of knitting look steal fine fashionable, let the bottom pressure based models you have spring ~Hello beautiful girls! As the most basic winter sweater backing a single product, Dr sister believe that everyone has a one or two ~ as all-match shirt, how to put it out more color effect? Today, followed by rubbing sister to the fashionable sperm secretly division! Although the summer + Knitted Winter has arrived, but the summer clothes don’t push it into the bottom Oh, collocation sweater more chic. Brazil blogger Helena Bordon collocation with plaid skirt high necked sweater vest, youth academy. There are wide leg pants suit, single wear then easy to catch, and knit collar piece inside, classic black and white color doesn’t look awkward. More large scale bra, take a sweater, and the summer cool feeling, such a wonderful and interesting mix ~ striped suits take the white sweater, a total can not go wrong, not too much publicity. Female soldiers can take office in the spring and autumn suits collocation turtleneck, capable and modern. To say that the most creative or OP, wearing a cashmere sweater to tie the knot, with shorts and white yarn skirt, it is too clever and personalized collocation. I think the most chic wedding dress, sister must first think of OP~ friction knitted sweater shirt + trousers collocation is the most basic look, collocation easily, can sleep for ten minutes late. However you want to catch the personality to have an eye in small details. Blue sweater collocation spell milky white with color loose trousers, trousers rolled up with a pair of shoes in the middle of Oxford, brown leather belt is carefully Oh ~Kendall machine collocation red sweater bright collocation nine mom jeans, also chose to use belt ornament, whole color classic and retro. That color sweater too old-fashioned and boring, can choose a playful patterned sweater like me by, wave point collocation adds interest, nine pants and flat shoes will not seem too monotonous. A beautiful girl can choose tall slim T-shirt collocation tall waist wide leg pants, to create a high sense with black and white ash. The pendant collocation sense of the trousers is very suitable for OL daily dress. A knitting + Haren pants, with a pair of shoes with French Carrefour. Color is the basis of black and white ash, the most not easy to make mistakes. Occasionally you can do with bright embellishment, a brown bag or a Macarons trousers. V neck knit shirt with some sexy it partly hidden and partly visible, into your pants, waist lift. Outer kit pilot jacket to create casual wind. If you want to look more intellectual and generous, outside a cashmere coat is good, warm and cool. Long coat aura. With white shoes or boots are very good. Not afraid of the cold can also be collocation pointed shoes and temperament with aura. Military coat collocation appears, put the hair into the collar was face yo ~ long coat + turtleneck, chic and elegant.. Beautiful girls love bright colors can choose light colored coat and trousers, then take the sweater will try to choose light colors such as white, beige, etc.. The sweater collocation pants, in the winter season outside the set of a type相关的主题文章: